Where Are They Now: The My Little Resume Creator

In the near-decade that the My Little Pony fandom has been around, we've seen many people come and go, some without a trace or even a clue as to where they ended up. We can often feel genuine loss when someone we've come to know can just go dark or silent with little more than a screen name to show they were ever there in the first place. Starting today, Horse News will be attempting a "Where are they now?" series, where we attempt to track down the names and the faces that have disappeared from the fandom at-large, and see how their lives have turned out.

We're kicking off this endeavor with a surprise visitor to /mlp/: the creator of the infamous "My Little Resume" from 2013.

Way back at the peak of the fandom, in the midst of the Twilicorn fallout and the Equestria Girls shitstorm, there was an image that leaked out to the world; a resume for a computer scientist, adorned with OC ponies and mane-6 recolors. The semi-unknown creator was of course mocked endlessly by pony fan detractors, and featured in countless cringe threads. It was picked up by big websites who proclaimed it was "an awesome way to never get a job".

They were dead wrong.

Many assumed it was a joke, but few suspected it was a joke created by an actually brilliant computer scientist.

His name is Joseph Chet Redmon, and he's now a successful computer scientist, and featured speaker on TED Talks.

According to his bio, "Joseph Redmon works on the YOLO algorithm, which combines the simple face detection of your phone camera with a cloud-based AI in real time".

That means he is basically programming all the surveillance cameras from sci-fi action movies and creating skynet in the process.

Joe happened to drop into an /mlp/ thread discussing the outcome of his famous resume earlier today. He confirmed his identity by amending the resume on his personal website to include this:

In it he gave us a little backstory on how the resume came to be in the first place.

He apparently has attended conventions (at least one) and has become interested in Fanfics. So he has continued to stay somewhat involved in the fandom. His personal website is still adorned with ponies.

Career-wise he has become a Ph.D. student, and has even been named a 2018 Google Ph.D. Fellow.

"Redmon, who is one of only 39 students across North America, Europe, and the Middle East to be selected for a fellowship, was recognized in the “Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision” category for his efforts to develop faster, better, and more useful computer vision tools for real-world applications."

So there you have it! The man behind the resume that was deemed "doomed to fail" was more successful than anyone could have hoped.

We wish him luck in his career and continued endeavors.

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  1. > tfw the guy who had the pony resume is doing better than you are






    1. That's a bit of a reach, don't you think? Redmon got out of his basement, made something of himself, and can dress himself appropriately as an adult. In no article do we read about his hysterical meltdowns and alienating entire swaths of people with his boorish attitude and hateful demeanor. Plus, his face is a lot less craggy and hairy than Purple Tranny's.

    2. go fuck off is all u do is hangout here waiting for a post so u can post your hate speech

  3. Well done Joseph.
    He seems like he is knowledgeable, shame they didn't include his explanation and vision on his research and tech in general in the article.

  4. Okay, but did he ever get around to reading Hard Reset?

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