ILoveKimPossibleAlot Allegedly Harasses Vendors, Attendee at Recent California Brony Convention

The White Knight defends KP’s honor

Two vendors and an attendee report they were harassed by ILoveKimPossibleAlot and her self-described bodyguard and “psi-warrior,” Jack Nolan, at a recent brony convention.  The vendors claim they were targeted for “negative” tweets they sent and the attendee claims they were targeted because they wouldn’t buy her art.  Before we get into their stories, we’ll begin below by reporting on the events that led up to these incidents.

Literally who?

Who Is Jack Nolan?

While you are all likely familiar with ILoveKimPossibleAlot, or KP, you may be unfamiliar with the name Jack Nolan.  That’s okay, we all were.  Jack Wadsworth Nolan, according to his profile on Stage 32, is a 50 year-old actor and author.  He served a commission with the 353rd Research and Analysis Company and the 15th Tactical PSYOP Co.  He’s a member of SAG-AFTRA and has appeared as a background extra in a number of TV shows and movies throughout the years.  He’s written a book entitled, Firewall: The Propagandist’s Guide to Self-Defense.  And he’s also a member of the vaunted brony analysis community under the name Commando Solo.

"Buy my book!"
We’ll get back to Mr. Nolan later, but first let’s hear from his alleged harassment victims.
"I'll pay you in exposure~~"

A Brief Backstory: All About a Tweet

On , ILoveKimPossibleAlot sent a tweet asking for people who were vending at High Roller Pony Con to “split a booth for online/Youtube [sic] promotion of its location.”  She was denied a booth at the convention in question, and, in order to get into the vendor hall, begged a friend to share a table with her.
Clarification/Edit 09. May 2018: we were just informed that she never actually applied for a vendor table at HRPC, and instead had applied for a spot as a Community Guest, but withdrew it after the recent California convention. It would appear she had the intention to either apply for a vendor table, or, do what she did at the California con, in which case was to have a normal attendee badge but "share" a table with someone else.

Here are the three tales of harassment in the victims’ own words.

The First Vendor

So maybe KP puts out her tweet offering to trade exposure for splitting a table at HRPC.  I replied to it saying that she knows tables are expensive and this is a bad deal, warning others not to take it because exposure doesn’t pay.  Normally I wouldn’t give a fuck but with her history of exploiting creators when she is a creator herself has soured my opinion of her.  It’s one thing to just be the “idea guy” and not really have a clue as to how much work creating is, it’s another to know exactly how much work it is but fuck over other creators anyway.  She replied to me saying that she never said she wouldn’t pay for the table (which is technically true but she didn’t make that offer to begin with) and I just blew it off because I stopped caring enough to continue the conversation.  I considered it done. 
Jack Nolan or Daddy Derek?
Now at [the convention] I’m setting up my vendor table and have two friends helping me out.  This man who I can only describe as an exact clone of Daddy Derek from Cool Cat and in that same age range [Jack Nolan] approaches me.  I’m not fully awake and super busy so I don’t understand what he’s trying to tell me.  He mumbles something about KP and Twitter.  I give him a look like, “wtf are you talking about?” and he mentions that I spoke to KP on Twitter.  Again, “What?”  He just tells me I need to talk to KP about it.  I thought it was incredibly weird and just went back to set up.

About 20 minutes later KP approaches me and tells me we need to talk.  She then begins to defend herself about this tweet.  I just smiled and played along to make her go away.  I will grant that she was reasonably polite about it?  I just shrugged it off as something, again, really fucking weird but didn’t pay much mind until I found out she had been doing this to other people she had stupid Twitter run-ins with. [...]

I forgot to mention.  Literally the only time I’ve ever spoken to her directly, indirectly, anything at all was that one tweet.  That’s it.  But apparently that was enough to send this grown ass man to me.  Which thinking about it now, KP must’ve told him to look for me because I didn’t know this man at all but he knew my name and what I did to piss KP off.

For the rest of the con I caught glares from KP since I had the misfortune of vending fairly close to her.  I thought I was being paranoid until I asked a buddy who was helping me at the table.  He confirmed [that] I was not being paranoid.

Daddy Derek (as I’m calling him now) [aka Jack Nolan] almost never left KP’s side.  He was like her personal body guard and was the weekend went on it got more and more creepy that a man in his 50s was being the personal bouncer of a girl off pony YouTube.  And yes, he is in his 50s.  We checked.

The Second Vendor

So, HN posted this on their Twitter and I replied with, “Wow, this is kinda fucked.  It’s not that much to split a table.”  That was it.  I didn’t think much of it at the time and I almost forgot I even tweeted it.  morning of the con, I was setting up my table and I have a guy [Jack Nolan] come up and tell me to come to KP’s table to talk about something.  Honestly, I was kinda shocked?  I had no idea what she wanted to talk to me about and I was really confused.  I had no idea KP even knew who I was.  (I did one drawing for her channel a few years ago but nothing that she would remember me by.  I’m sure it was her staff or something who asked for the art anyway.  They asked me if I could make them more but I just never responded since they seemed unprofessional and unappreciative of the free work.  This was before [the] KP leak thing happened and I did lots of art for pony YouTubers at the time so I didn’t think much of it.)  I asked him what about, and he said, “Some tweet you made about High Roller Ponycon.”  I was surprised she even remembered that tweet, or that she went out of the way to look at Horse News’s Twitter, find me in the mentions, and decide to come find me at the con.  I just told him, “I don’t want to talk to her,” and he just said okay and left.  I went back to the post and deleted the tweet, because I was worried about drama coming to my table.  (I regret this now obviously.  I never thought this situation would blow up the way it did.)  This was my very first time vending at a convention, the last thing I needed was that.  I wanted her to just leave me alone tbh.  Four hours later, while I was working on a commission, KP came up to my table saying that she wanted to talk to me about the tweet I made.  I just looked at her and said, “I don’t want to talk to you,” she kept asking me, “Why?” and I said, “I really don’t want drama at my table, and I’m working,” and she kept saying, “Why?” with me responding, “I don’t want to talk to you.”  She wouldn’t leave me alone until I said, “I’ll think about it,” and she stormed off.

The Attendee

On of [the convention], I was standing at the booth of Rae Deerwood discussing a commission.  At the time I noticed Jack Nolan standing behind me, but since I did not know who he was, I paid no mind.  I had been counting my money to decide on whether or not to get a commission due to pricing.  As I stepped back to count, Jack approached me and said another vendor was selling $10 headshot commissions.  Naturally because I was getting tight on money at this point, I wanted to know who.  Due to the information about ILoveKPAlot, I had absolutely no interest in even approaching her.  So, after he informed me who it was, I casually and politely told him no, and that I have no interest in meeting or buying from KP.

Later that day, I noticed KP was gone, and as I am a fan of her booth partner’s art, I snuck over to Keyframe Productions’s booth while she was not there and discussed the pony cut out art that was on display.  Ultimately, I politely declined, telling her I would need to count my money again.  I was under the impression that was the last of it.  It was not.

The I was waiting in line to meet WhiteDiamond so I could buy a commission from her, as she is an artist I highly respect and annually get commissions from.  After discussing it, Jack Nolan came up behind me and called my name.  I remember not telling him my name, but he probably saw it on my badge.  He asked if I was still interested in the art, I was a bit confused and stepped to the side to ask him which it was.  Instead of telling me who, he asked me to come with him.  Not wanting to cause a scene I went with him, on guard the entire time.  He went to Keyframe Productions Booth, and KP was sitting there.  At this point I was very confused, both Jack and KP were missing from the booth when I [talked] to Keyframe about her framed art, so there was no way for him to know about it unless she had told him, or he had been watching me.  He stood behind KP, arms crossed as if defending her from some unknown threat, and stared at me as I tried to, twice, decline that I could afford Keyframe’s pricey art.  I was very uncomfortable with the stares both KP and him were giving me, and wanting to just please them so I wouldn’t be bothered again, I bought a $5 print from Keyframe.  KP immediately as soon as I pulled out my wallet started to say something, I believe she was going to try to get me to buy her prints, but I shook my head and turned away.  Walking away with my regretful, and somewhat forced, purchase, I left the booth with her and Jack glaring at me.  They didn’t bother me again for the rest of the con.  However Sunday night I was sitting at the chairs near the escalators with my Celestia KL plush and dozing half asleep.  Jack walks by, watching all the other vendors carrying product, but himself doing nothing to help, and with a slightly uncomfortable look, very passive aggressively saluted at me.  With my extensive history with people in the military, I’m well aware of a proper salute, versus one that’s made as an insult.  Luckily this was my last meeting with him.

The Psi-Warrior Responds

Before we even published this piece, Jack Nolan was kind enough to release a video detailing his job at this convention as “[KP’s] bodyguard.”  He takes credit for “neutralizing 2 of 3 incidents” and goes on a tirade about the “scandal mongering and defamation [that are] more potent than ever,” bemoaning how “no gatekeepers exist to prevent slander and libel from spreading.”

He elaborates on why a warrior such as himself was needed, stating that due to Kim’s “gender and faith, [she] has become a target on all the bad actor’s radars.”  He waxes profusely about how KP is “an earnest and courageous woman, big enough to admit she might have made some errors, but who wants more than anything to live them down and prove herself.”

Unfortunately, the events at the convention profoundly affected Mr. Nolan, as he stated that he “won’t be bodyguarding Kim again, because the responsibility exhausted me.”

Finally, this true white knight tips his fedora and reminds us all that “people with bad intentions actively seek to defame, sabotage, entrap, back-stab, and vilify [your favorite YouTube personalities] to satisfy their malice, their perversity, for a quick buck, or simply for the lols.”

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  1. I for one always liked corpulent brony (LOL) but no seriously God bless.

  2. The brony community, especially EQD should publicly condemn ILKPALot and oust her from this community!

    1. Seth is a fucking pansy and saying anything remotely negative even when it's 100% true gets you removed from the comments there by the mods there who have nothing better to do in their sad pathetic lives.

      Just look at how they tried to brush the Tee Anderson incident under the carpet.

    2. He never will. Not sure if it's because she generates ad rev or some other shit but I find it funny EQD keeps their head in the sand about the incident yet Seth had no issue making articles about DrawPonies and ToxicMario for their tracing.

    3. DP and Toxic work alone. Blacklisting them only effected them.

      KP has a team. Blacklisting KP blacklists all the writers, animators, voice actors, and others working for her.

      If they didn't like working for or with her, they would leave. They are adults, or at least close to it. They can make their own decisions, and they have in the past when this same thing happened back a few years ago.

      Is she full of herself and annoying at conventions? According to what I read here, definitely. But I'm not going to ban an entire team of people just because their leader is obnoxious.

      In the end, it's up to the people working for her. They know by now what they are going to get out of it, if anything. If they are still doing it, then it's on them. EQD isn't the fandom's babysitter. We just post the good stuff.

    4. Stockholm is a hell of a syndrome.

    5. Honestly Seth I'm not quite sure where you're aiming for but as far as I know KP takes 100% of the credit and her team is nothing more than an extension of herself. Sure, blacking her may affect the team but maybe it could be a wake up call to them? If they're getting no exposure while under KP's banner there is nothing that stops them from doing things on their own (except for the fact your site does not welcome new people into the fray, a complaint I've had a few times in 2012/13).

      Honestly the reason why they probably work for her is because they have nowhere else to go. Who can't resist the allure of such an offer when no safeguards exist simply because you want to put your head in the sand about the stuff she does that goes completely against what the show supposedly teaches. Since the brony fandom has the highest barriers to entry thanks to its overbearing hierarchy you can't stand alone and get anywhere.

      It's not even conventions themselves the saga goes so far as pretty much how badly KP treats her staff. Again, unless there's a place for those people to enjoy what they do they're probably going to stick with KP until the bitter end.

      Which is probably why I rarely if ever visit EQD. That 'only post the good stuff because we're a fucking egotistical fandom' is why I avoided it like the plague since day 1. Ironically a lot of people tried to emulate EQD's mannerisms and honestly the whole mess is kind of so sad but I can't look away.

    6. @sethisto aka lulz' whipping-boi

      Oh come off it, you're a coward when you're a Flarefucker, you're a coward as a Cynderfucker, and still a coward as a horsefucker with the biggest horse megaphone at your disposal.

      She doesn't credit the team anyway (without being severely pressured to or it's someone horsefamous for namedropping purpose), so there's no big loss.

      Plus, when KP is blacklisted and have nowhere else to hog her ego except for smaller unknown blogs and shit, her facade of grandeur will look less appealing.

      By not lending EQD's voice on the situation, you're complicit in allowing the manipulation and exploitation to continue.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Wow Seth, of all the places I expected you to respond to. What does this make it? The 3rd time you've responded to critique I made against EQD? I know at least once over at Derpi.

      First off, I didn't say anything about a blacklist. Hell I wasn't even aware of there being one. I'm just saying I find it a bit funny how you wrote articles about Draw/Toxic's tracing when they were exposed for it. Yet when we got a mass wave of stuff about KP including how she treated staff and played dumb/dodged the questions when people asked her about the stolen assets used in one of her videos.

      Second, Like I mentioned before I wasn't even aware of a blacklist, but why should that change not calling KP out on her bullshit? If anything it would be a good morale for the community how not to treat people working for you/signs to look for if you're promised exposure. And maybe then KP would have actually learned something instead of sweeping her fake apologies under the rug the moment the dust settled and she got control of the Twitter feed. Maybe she would have came out of it more humble, treated her staff better, and get off the blacklist like Draw did.

      Anyway can't wait to see your response. YOu must have pretty thin skin if you need to respond to critique like that here of all places.

    9. The Brony Community is not some formal organization. You can't "oust" somebody out of a cultural collective, dude!

  3. The more I hear about people's experiences with KP, the more I want to stay away.

  4. KP has just left me with a bad impression every time I've encountered her at a con, she followed us into a small room party after EQLA where a bunch of artists were hanging out because she wanted to follow the storyboard artist
    I know she was trying to insert herself onto at least one panel, can't remember if it was Jhallers or one of Kibbies idk
    She just gives me some really bad vibes every brief encounter I've seen her at cons, someone I really don't care to get to know more

  5. OF COURSE an anal cyst steps up to whiteknight. Scum look after their own.

  6. I was expecting worse than just her asking a bunch of questions. I get asked annoying questions in retail but it's not like i'm screeching harassment every time I have a piece of shit tell me how to do my job. The fact she needed a bodyguard is fucking ridiculous but it sounds like some of these people started shit on twitter and it came back to bite them in the ass. I can only sympathize with the 3rd person since it sounds like Jack was playing the bodyguard roll way too harshly and forgot how to treat people like normal human beings.

  7. She's gonna be a special guest at Everfree and Crystal Fair. I don't get why cons keep inviting people who piss off everyone around them.

  8. I've never managed to meet KP, and I'm glad I haven't, based on what I've read here and these other articles on her, she sounds like a total twat.

    This is why I've learned sometimes it's better to be a random nobody than a famous person sometimes...

  9. The fuck?
    Also can't wait for the damage control to roll in.

  10. Seriously, why does anyone still waste their time on KP? Stop paying attention to her. The more she's talked about, the more justified she feels in believing her horse fame makes her important.

    Exposing her lies is one thing. Exposing yourself to her bullshit is another. Sometimes it's better if you just keep your opinion off Twitter where everyone can see.

    1. Kinda hard to not pay attention to someone when they go around harassing people

  11. 2016: KP's first major drama incident involving the "A Different Perspective" Video, where her ex-staff revealed how she abused them.
    KP makes an apology video about her actions, and claims she'll change. But then 3 months later, she deletes said apology as if the Drama never happened.

    2018: KP causes even more Drama, about getting someone banned from BabsCon, and this recent blocking on her Discord.
    She will NEVER learn.

  12. Nice try, Russian bots

  13. Fifty shags a day
    Brony conspiracy time
    Purple mindwave hues

    1. Delightful and eloquent. 9/10

  14. So when are you going to report on ForNoGoodReason role playing as under aged kids or are you going to protect your pedo friend by not saying anything?

    1. HN doesn't like FNGR from what I remember, they probably just don't know

    2. Vida, fuck off.

    3. Cracking jokes about an analcyst or talking about a pedo...
      The priorities are mixed with this bunch.

    4. From my records, FNGR is kinda an asshat, and I know HN does not in any way associate with FNGR.

    5. Maybe when FNGR does a video addressing how everyone in the Rift pretty much new and kept silent about Goldenfox dating Keyframe when she was underage and that he is nearly 10 years older than her. Talking about grooming a minor.

  15. To me, our fandom is a breeding ground for people like KP. The only reason why they keep getting the spotlight is because they're going about it in a way that's obviously ruffling the feathers (a good chunk of OCs are pegasi/gryphons) of many other people. Most folks are going to look at the 'positives' rather than 'hey, what they're doing is not right and I'm willing to give up ponies to remedy the situation'.

    Go figure.

    1. Y'all need to find better hero figures that outshine shit like KP. (which clearly and definitively excludes all analcysts)

      Of the hundreds of thousands of clipcloppers out there, there has to be someone who's not a steaming pile of grifter shit. Hell, even the dead Molestia blog could serve as a better face.

    2. "To me, our fandom is a breeding ground for people like KP"

      Look who's talking.

    3. @poots - From what I can recall the people who would make better hero figures are the kind that really don't want to be in the spotlight. It's kind of the same with some of the projects I've dealt with. The people who'd make ideal leaders definitely do not want the job simply because it's just not something they see themselves doing.

      @Anon - lol wat

    4. @poots - There used to be a handful of cool anal cysts, but they transcended the fandom to do better stuff where they garner greater appreciation.

  16. Goldenfox is a pedo.

  17. i met this guy once. seemed ok. anything else we know of? bear in mind eqd did post a thing telling dr wolf that he was wrong to ask people to forgive toonkritics alleged victims. i asked him sbout politely this and the con chair asked me not to because family friendly environmwnt etc (looking at some of tge anthro art on display undermines the idea this is a concern). But then if there is one thing people who bother you every saturday morning about joining their religion don't like, it is having someone politely ask tnem something awkward. They don't like it up 'em, Captain!

  18. *fedora tipping intensifies* whatever if he wants to be a whiteknight, let KP loves calling him 'daddy'

  19. I am happy to find this post very helpful for me.

  20. Here's a few things to say about the self described "bodyguard":

    1. The job of an actual bodyguard, as the name says, is to guard the body.
    2. That means physical attacks on the body, not vilifying or defaming her character.
    3. “neutralizing 2 of 3 incidents” you don't neutralize an incident, you either "resolve an
    incident" or "neutralize a threat".
    4. A bodyguard is to be present, not to be seen.
    5. Present near the body that he's supposed to guard.
    6. Meaning not walking around the convention while searching for vendors.
    7. Or talking to them on behalf of KP, that would be her job with him being close enough to
    intervene in case of an attack.
    8. No crossed arms, it's a sign of aggression that not everyone is going to be cool with.
    9. An actor is not a bodyguard.

    certified safety and security specialist

    1. We're not really here to argue semantics. What other word would you ideally use in place for that? When you complain about a problem but don't offer a solution it's not really a problem.

    2. 1. That is why I called him "self described" and put bodyguard in quotation marks, you can also use "wannabe" and "actor".
      2. I'm not complaining about a problem, I'm ranting.
      3. What solution? I'm just saying that this man is not what he claims to be.
      4. I really love making lists.
      5. I need to buy more quills.

  21. Thanks for giving us all those pamphlets to pass out. Her reaction was fucking hilarious.

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  26. Jack Nolan, Actor: Vikings. Jack Nolan is an actor, known for Vikings (2013), Red Rock (2015) and Kissing Candice (2017).

  27. I know this post is a few years old but Jack Nolan is a creep, no doubt about it and the fact that KP sends him to do the free lance work because she gets mad that no one wants a commission is stupid and pathetic.