Artist Complains About Criticism; Is Defended By Coworkers, Fans

In what is becoming a recurring trend, it turns out that we can't actually go a late Spring without some sort of IDW controversy. This time, /mlp/'s favorite artist, Jay Fosgitt, is once again a subject of controversy.

In a Facebook post, Fosgitt bemoaned a complaint lodged at him by a fan accusing him of using clip art for a cutie mark in a recent issue of a comic. This of course, was something that was proven in the past, so it should not have surprised him that it came up again when it appeared that he had done so. The post in full is here:

'member whisk cutie mark? 'member Starlight having Twilight's cutie mark?

The picture in question, from issue #54 of the comics, shows the Cutie Mark Crusaders in their clubhouse with very peculiar looking cutie marks:

Of course, this was just one of many issues with the comic, but Fosgitt decided to use this encounter with a fan as an impetus to close down his deviantArt account. While this story would seem pretty cut and dry with just this, there's more to it.

Suddenly, Fosgitt's coworkers started showing up on his Facebook page, telling him about the evil fandom known as bronies who are too into their headcanons to like your stories about Twilight letting a town get attacked by arsonists and thieves. Even Andy Price, the main artist on the series, had something to say:

"Fuck 'em"
Amazingly the parade didn't stop until the famous Ted "Resist" Anderson was there to give some head-in-sand support to a fellow IDW employee:

And then, by some strange occurrence hours after it was posted, the rant "mysteriously vanished."

 Of course, this didn't stop the discussion, and the IDW coworker "love" continued on Twitter:

Of course, /mlp/ as usual was much less blunt, with one anon in particular focusing on Fosgitt's assertion that being approved by Hasbro and IDW was good enough for him and should be for anyone, one that really sums up where the quality has gone with the franchise's comics as a whole:

One Anon even took the admiration of Fosgitt to the level of his IDW coworkers and produced some loving fanart in Fosgitt's style:

It remains to be seen if after nearly three years of working on IDW's My Little Pony if Jay Fosgitt even enjoys the source material, or resents his employer for constantly piling work onto him. All this writer can say is that if Fosgitt wants to blame fans or IDW for people saying he isn't a good artist, he is doing himself a disservice as one. He should look critically on his own work he created in the past and ask himself if he has really grown as an artist and if an intensive work schedule has improved his craft, reputation, or personal health. Ultimately, there's only one person responsible for how his art looks: himself.

"But he is a good artist, he just struggles with MLP!"

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  1. Fosgitt? More like Fos-SHIT

  2. Wow it's nothing

  3. You know, I'd be willing to give his style a pass with the anatomy fuck ups and all if it wasn't so obvious he cuts as many corners as he can.

    Maybe we should take the Glimfag's advice and lower our standards

    1. "the Glimfag's advice and lower our standards"
      When you suddenly realize how people can love Glimmer

    2. Most Starlight fans are horrible from my experience. And yeah, when it gets to the point where for the show and comics we have to lower our expectations or not have any, we know the franchise has become a hellhole.

  4. I literally skip all pony comics where he is the artist. His trying hard looney toon style sucks. :/

    Tony Fleece is a way better artist. His art although different from the show, is on point. He has his own style, but it doesn't deviate drastically from the show.

  5. Jay Fosgitt is literally the reason why I stopped buying the comics.

    I could stomach Katie Kek's shit stories and glorified headcanons because of Price's art, but with Jay there's absolutely nothing of value to save and remember that his "art" was so fucking bad that a writer decided to not put up with it anymore and quit writing for pony stories.

    Of course, all what Jay cares about is to keep getting easy praises and easy money over a mediocre work that hasn't improved a iota after nearly 3 years, and let's be honest: it will never improve.

  6. Sounds to me like this guy needs to build himself a box fort with Jeremy Whitely so they can both shelter themselves from the harsh realities of criticism... and Lauren Faust can be the den mother.

  7. I think the only comic of his that I read was the one about Pinkie Pie baking a cake for I think...Luna? The one with the photoshopped whisk.

    I can understand the fandom but I wish IDW had some humility but alas...I still have the comics but still have not read the ones I bought years ago yet.

  8. Look at how Applebloom's CM on the right is just slapped on top of the outlines as well. Literally zero effort.

  9. Be real, guys. It's perfectly fine to not like his art, but the animosity the guy gets is completely unreal and completely undeserved.

    What kind of person are you when you believe that your opinion is gospel? Art isn't bad just because you don't like the way it looks. Is it necessary to drown this guy in shit just because you don't like his art?

    There's a line, guys, and the fandom has crossed it twice. It's not about lowering your standards. It's about accepting that you're not going to like everything that crosses your path. A decent person doesn't shit in someone's garden just because they think there's too many weeds in it.

    You're allowed to have higher standards...just don't assume everyone should meet that standard or die trying.

    1. Well IDW could hire actual decent artist, writers or hell people but we know nepotism is king to Bobby Curnow so standards don't need to improve. Hell if my job was that secure I know I wouldn't give two shits and so after all the crap from the likes of Ted Anderson and the poor quality from Jeremy Whitley and Jay Fosgitt many in the fandom have had enough of IDW shitying on the franchise like Hasbro did themselves in the middle to late 2000s. The show deserves better as that has found a decent level.of consistent quality lately.

    2. @04:05
      And here comes the predictable damage control from a pretentious twat who believes he's entitled to come here and tell everyone what they can and cannot do because he said so.

      Apply your own blabbering to yourself and accept that not everyone is going to drop their standards (and pants) to accept IDW's flaccid and stinky dick like all of you IDWankers do.

      The comic and the staff became the shit they are now because of passive, conformist assholes like you who kept accepting and justifying shit from them like good and obedient sheep.

    3. We aren't shitting on his art because we don't like it, we are doing so because they are technically poor, and we can scientifically assess exactly why his art is so awful. It's not bad because "we don't like it", it's just bad.

      Whether you like or dislike something doesn't even necessarily mean you think it's bad. There are plenty of technically good things I don't like, and plenty of stuff I wholly recognize are bad, but enjoy anyways.

      That said, if you recognize that something is shit, AND don't appreciate it, then you are completely justified in complaining.

  10. And this, boys and boys is why the comic sales went down from 30K a month to barely scratching 10K.

    Also, this is why Jay's comics are the ones that sell the least among all and that will not change as long he refuses to accept he's a shit artist, a shit person and has shit friends as well.

  11. Feels good to having stop reading after arc 1.

  12. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !


  13. Fosgitt needs to grow up and learn to take criticism like a man. Even Andy Price, the best artist of the comics, said "fuck em" about the fanbase the same way Jim Miller said it?

    I think I speak the truth here, when I say that you, IDW, are the worst comic book company in the entire world on the planet Earth, and I am not kidding. Some fans were stating opinions even if they said they hated Fosgitt's style and tried to avoid unpleasant situations, even when criticizing other comics and such, but you along with other bitches like Jeremy Whitley and Heather Breckel decided to drive them into one by insulting them too and showing you do not care for them at all?

    It's sad that the Return of Chrysalis, the first comic arc, happened to be the best of all the comics that came out.

  14. Teen Titans go is looking at this and saying, “don’t you think this degrading on the original art style just a bit?” Serious I’m sure he’s a nice guy but this style is just an uncanny valley. Like it’s simple and cute but not in an interesting way.

  15. i have not seen an issue from him in a while did he quit

  16. This text is sensational.