Late to the game: News from Thailand Pony Con

So, last week I had suffered a pretty awful back injury and was pretty much loopy on painkillers and muscle relaxers. During that time, apparently, I missed a bit of news, sent to us from Thailand, about some shit that went down at their convention (some clips of stuff got shown. Why is it always the foreign cons get the good stuff?)
It ended up in the SPAM folder and I never saw it until today, and apparently, EQD had to take down their version of it for some reason.

Anyway I'm copy-pasting the charming press release they sent us without following any of the instructions included within it. Yeah, no, definitely not taking the time to save embedded photos out of a 26-page .docx to re-upload individually. Fuck that.
Have fun!

at Thailand Pony Convention 2017
Written by: NKL777
Proof Reading By: MiMi, Nattorn
Editorial Council: TPC Press Team
Hello! Pony Friends! Have you ever been in Bangkok for the last year event? I think you already know that this year TPC has returned to delight all of you with Friendship and Magic. From now on, we will take you to the journey through this magical festival (near the end of it, we will make you feel so goosebump!)
Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

Staffs were working very hard to satisfied everyponies.
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)
Can’t wait for Countess Corolatura, TPC 2017
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

At the morning of 8th April, Bronies who can’t wait for the opening time started to gather themselves in front of the Bangkok Art Centre gate. As the time goes by, more and more ponies came to our show. They couldn’t wait to get in, many of them talking to each other with excitement.
10.00 A.M., it’s a time for partyyyy! The gate is now open and the ticket booth crowded with Bronies, Pegasisters, and other fans. Their face can tell that they feel pumped and ready to get in.
You do the Pony Pokey meeting lots of folks with clout.
That what I’m talking about.
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

Event schedule, some timeslot had been switched later on.

Lots of thing to do around

10.30 A.M., it’s about time! Fans are stampeded into the hall. They were really enjoy with buying fanmade merchs, play the games at video game booth, official products also available for sale at special price along with event-exclusive merchandise.
See our vendors and activities booths below!
Game Pony Plays!
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

A lots of things to buy (Clean your pocket!)
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

Drawing booth, all-time favorite for our kids
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

We also have a duel arena for our card game duelists (OK, Hit Me!)
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

11.00 A.M., time for the singing contest. A lot of kids and friends came on the stage to enjoy their selected songs, both official and original fan-made songs included (nice setlist though!). They may not sing professionally, but full of passion and the love in what they do.
Time for the song!

12.00 P.M. Parn, a previous year head staff arrived at the stage. He’s come to show his very very huge project, an interactive visual novel video game: My Little Sweetheart. It’s fill with a lot of interesting features such as fighting scene, action scene, along with many story routes. It’s very complicate and difficult project, so please cheer our developer team. This game will be available in both Thai and English version.

Our beloved Michelle Creber has arrived
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

01.00 P.M. we have a super duper special guest; Michelle Creber aka. Apple Bloom. Daniel “ST.Pinkie” Anthony (our good friend) from Malaysia also arrived at the stage as the guest interviewer (Thanks!). In our interview we have a lot of interesting questions and surprising answers. For example;
Fan 1: Hello Michelle, if you not got the role for Apple Bloom, what’s character that you are preferred to voice.
Michelle: Oh, it’s Pinkie Pie. I love this character, it’s represent my activities side.

Not only that, she’s also show her ferrets to our fans and ask us for the selfie, then tweet the photo on her Twitter! (We are very honour for it).
Nice to see you, Apple Bloom (Surprise with your new hair style, and Ferrets Dude&Jeremy)

2.00 P.M., after a load of highlight, we’re back to our singing contest. Looks like our fan are fully wake up, and their voices are getting better and better as time goes by. It’s as fun as it was on the morning.
ST.Pinkie and his ambitious project
(Mean Madadam, 08/04/2017)

2.30 P.M., Daniel “ST.Pinkie” Anthony, Chief Project Manager of SEAponycon getting on the stage with his assistant and translator Montri Gryphon to present the SEAponycon. The convention is very difference from TPC. It’s much larger scale, a unified convention for South Eastern Asian MLP communities. And it’s also the first time in Asia that MLP voice actor will make a guest appearance (In the Flesh!) at this convention. You can’t miss it at all!
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Click the image to see the upcoming news.

3.30 P.M. After long presentation, Parn, Bike, and the famous Youtuber in Thailand: Eva Gamer are back on the stage for Fighting is Magic competition. It’s like the last year, the hall is full of fun and crowd gone nuts with the fiercely fight (in the game, we are zero tolerate to real life brawl in our convention).

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Click the image to download playable demo

4.00 P.M., we have to warn you on the next session, please deposit all of your recording devices, or Bulk Biceps will drag you out of this room. Brace yourself! Okey Dokey?
Don’t play any clever! We’ll drag you out!

Attention, it’s a last call. Please deposit your recording devices at the stage, or we have to invite you out. No concession, No exception.
Well, looks like everything seems fine. Muffins, close the door now. We have to lock it down to prevent any unexpected “accident”.
You can’t get in! It’s show time.
Now the shows started! Brace yourselves for the spoiler below! (Now, guess what we got here?)

What we got “are” much better than the first!

The First clip is now showing on the screen, it makes everyone really excite and goosebump. Yes, it’s a movie trailer. No No No, not the trailer you saw on the last week. It’s a new one, never before seen, with a near complete version of the animation. Production is very terrific. The frame rate is very high, the background is so detail, character animation is so life-like, and so smooth. (Sorry, Hasbro not let us to take any photo out of it). The clip also contained several new songs from our guest stars (including SIA!).

After we saw it, the hall is now filled with fan praising the show.
But yet, it’s not over yet. The MC now announce that we have 2 more clips to show, and you will never believe about what you see it today.

The 2nd clip is unexpected, it filled with cinematic feeling. The Pegasus are flying to somewhere, the screen is show the life in Equestria with orchestrated music. And it’s end up with the logo: My Little Pony the Movie. It’s wowed all people in the hall, because they never believe what they saw. It’s the OPENING scene of the Movie!!

The 3rd clip is show on the screen nonstop. Guess what is it? It’s a music video cut from the movie, but it’s not a complete version. It’s an animatic! The song is sang by *** and *** and ___ playing wood drums on it. It’s so Disney-que (Remembered Moana, Frozen, and Aladdin) and you will never disappoint. (We can’t spoil it, to ensure our safety and guaranteed your compliment when you see it).

You will never believe it! We not got just 1 clip but 3. 3 unreleased clips!!! Hasbro is very generous to us.
Before this session end, our MC has back on the stage for another announcement that Equestria Girls 5 is already confirmed by Hasbro. Fans are pumped by this announcement as it is a really BIG year for MLP.

All-day Lucky Draw

5.00 P.M., we are at the end of the road. The staffs and fans are joining together in the final Lucky Draw, and many of our attendees are very happy with their prize (Some are rare and difficult to find anywhere). The staffs are gathered on the stage to thank for joining our convention. And the show is finally ends with group of Bronies, Pegasisters, and Con Staffs singing the song from Rainbow rock (Medley: Welcome to the Show – Got a Music in Our Heart).

*Note: Please use your code for insert the video on this part THX!

This convention is not possible without everyone help!
Our Little Dashy! The Star of our Convention
My Little Pony Schedule in 2017
15 April, Season 7 Premiere
6 October, My Little Pony The Movie

This is not the end, but we can make it possible in the future again.
You can help us!
Please subscribe us to help make another miracle, more excitement, and unexpected revelation like this time, by clicking the link below

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This Convention will not be made possible without;
PonyTH Shop
Hasbro Thailand
TPC Staff Team
SEAPonyCon Team
Worldwide Bronies Communities (EQD, Derpibooru, HaHCon, GalaCon,Ponyville Live, and more more, more)
Our Bronies, Pegasisters, their families and friends from Thailand and around the world

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  1. Can't say much, but what went down was that they weren't allowed to say what was in those exclusive clips. Someone from Thai Ponycon was told this from the Hasbro over at Thailand, who then informed EqD to take it down.

  2. This con reeks of the cringe.

  3. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !


    1. S H I T T Y C O M M E N T !


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  5. This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!