Ghost of TCR finally releases pony merch, but theres a catch

"Im not in a freak'n wheelchair! Listen, I can do for-loriko!"

After years of trolling, splicing, being troll terrorists... AND CYBER VERMIN, Ghost of True Capitalist Radio fame has release official pony merch. But, when dealing with matters like this, there's a catch.

There's always a catch.

It all started with the sale of Ms Ghost's autographs, which a bet was set: sell enough and Ghost would sell pony related merchandise for the first time. When it was done, and Ghost had his category 5 can-storm, he released it .

Ceritfied "Ponified Capitalist" Ghost Autograph

A deal is a deal. At the overwhelming request for "Pony Merch," Ghost decides to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by "Certifying" REAL Ponified Capitalists among the "HERD." So prove you're more than the preverbal "Clopper," Purchase one of these autographs to PROVE YOU'RE A CAPITALIST!
This is an actual handwritten autograph by Ghost with a picture of the "Capitalist Pony" on the front. A "Certified Number" on the back (all autographs will be numbered). The autograph will also be mailed to you in a personalized envelope.
Ghost truly hopes that there are truly "Ponified Capitalist" within the herd! At the same time, don't out sell the original "Ghost" autograph! That could throw the show UPSIDEDOWN!

ALL SALES FINAL. No exchanges. No refunds. Please allow two weeks for creation, processing and shipping. FREE SHIPPING!

It can be bought here, at Ghost.Market for 15 dollerydoos.  As I said, there's a catch. It turns out that with six years deep in the fandom, the "brony resistance" is still as rabid and widespread as ever, so they had forced Ghost to do a competition which totally was totally not a ploy to make more money, in which if the anti pony crowd sells more generic non pony merch than the ponified merch, then bronies are more or less banned from TCR, which would be sad since we all know Ghost is a bigger ponyfriend than the rest of us.

Today, the non ponified merch goes on sale today, so game on. 

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  1. Never thought I'd see the day one of my arts ended up on the Horse News.

    Wish I had time to finish it off...

  2. You know if someone were to buy in bulk of Ghost pony autographs. They could probably make a nice profit if they resell them at a higher price at BronyCon. If there is enough demand of course.

  3. >Giving your money to Ghost

    Also, nice sponsored article, Horse News.

  4. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !













  5. Ah yes, another classic "Chelis has a personal vendetta so he tries to stir up shit over a whole lot of nothing to make it look like his hateboner is justified" "article."

    Why don't you spend your time doing something more productive like, I dunno, stick your dick into a light socket, or work on your Equestria Girls fanfictions?