4CC - /mlp/ Wins the Summer Cup 2016!

Summer is on the down-slope here in God’s hemisphere, and to finish off the waning days, 4chan held its biannual imaginary divegrass tournament, Autistfest the 4chan 2016 Summer Cup.

Despite being the winners of the 2015 Summer Cup, /mlp/ went into the cup as the perpetual underdog, having been knocked out of the 2016 Winter Cup in the Round of 16. A number of commenters in /4ccg/ and elsewhere had been saying all year long, “This is definitely /o/’s year,” but /mlp/ proved in the end, that horsefuckers yield to no man.

The opening group stages left much to be desired for our fair board. We lost handily to /o/, humilated but not out for the count with a final score of 3-6, and tied with /u/, where Homucifer managed to tie up our >most dangerous lead by scoring a cheeky 90+, bringing the final score to 2-2 /mlp/.  At this point, many mulpers were ready to be relegated back to the Babby cups, having to overcome some really difficult odds: needing to beat /vr/ by two points in order to qualify.

/mlp/: "Need to win by two to qualify? Those are some nice odds, it'd be a shame if we overcame them."

 But RNGesus showed himself to be a horsefucker when our fair team managed to pull off a 4-2 win over /vr/, bringing them into the safe zone and into the >KNOCKOUTS BABY!

During the seeding livestream, Cup Rigger Boris had unwittingly predicted /mlp/ to win this cup though his usual method of picking a name from his Rigging Hat. This would mark the first time that the hat had actually picked the future cup winner, much to the disdain of the rest of the board in general.

/mlp/ started out in the knockout rounds facing /r9k/, a match nicknamed rightfully as Wizards vs. Unicorns. /r9k/ was unable to harness enough good boy points, having spent most of them on their high-scoring match against /p/, and so were defeated 3-2 with /mlp/ moving onward. The quarter-finals match found /mlp/ playing against /asp/, but not even John Cena couldn’t save them in this cage match; whereupon /asp/ was trampled 3-2. By the end of the /asp/ match, all that were left standing were /m/, /mlp/, /o/, and /v/. /m/ stepped up to the plate as the next rider, and while they managed to put up one good fight by keeping the score even at 1-1, >rape had something to say about that and managed to pull off the cheekiest of cheeky 90+ scores with help from Best Pony. Final score ended up as 2-1 /mlp/.

MOTM: >rape

By this time, the bants were at an all time high, as /mlp/ had beaten the all of odds, and proven ourselves to be a formidable foe. Now, all that stood in our way to victory was /o/. /o/ has beaten us earlier in group play, 3-6 /mlp/, but our army of playtesters had run every scenario against /o/ and were confident of the strategy, intent on getting revenge on /o/ for beating /mlp/ in our own arena. /o/ put up a good fight and held the game at 3-2, but ultimately fell short at the last minute to /mlp/, 5-2, by Tracy scoring the 4th goal at 88 minutes, and >rape driving the fifth home with a cheeky 90+. We horsefuckers won and are now the first team to have legitimately earned two stars!

But all was not right back at home, as the salt began to pile up in /4ccg/. Accusations of rigging and cheating flew like tomatoes in a theater. While horsefuckers have never been ones to shy away from bants, the levels of unbridled autism was at an all time high.

In short, /mlp/ did was nobody else could do. They triggered 4chan over a stupid autistic soccer game.

Pictured: /4ccg/ post cup.

Hurra! Sing along in celebration. ^:)

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  1. Can you give short overview of WHAT THE FUCK am I watching and why do I like it? What is that game? Does anyone play in matches or is it bot programming something?
    Basically what is that nonsense overall.

    Not a 4chan user.

    1. It's all on the implyingrigged wiki but the game is played in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). In the 4CC, teams are designed and managed by the board's users. Beyond strategy, substitutions and other actions by the manager the players are AI controlled. Most of the actual work by members of the team is in play testing and creating character models/jerseys/pitches/balls.

      You like it because it has a degree of comraderie, a competition of sorts with a tournament model to be invested in, and also because you are a meme loving fuck.

    2. That covers it up pretty well. Thanks horselover person.

  2. What's amazing is that it's 2016, and /mlp/ still manages to trigger 4chan despite claims that we're dead

    1. It's 2016 and furries still trigger everybody.

    2. >2016
      >not getting triggered by furfags

  3. This year has been the first time I've ever watched this cup. And although I don't give a single shit about football/soccer, I watched every mlp match.
    I regret nothing.
    Our victory was inevitable.


  5. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !













  6. >by Tracy scoring the 4th goal at 88 minutes, and >rape driving the fifth home with a cheeky 90+
    Have we watched the same game? Because that's not what happened. >rape scored both the 4th and 5th goal at 82' and 88' respectively. Get your facts straight, fags: http://i.imgur.com/IFpFliy.png

  7. I keep wondering whether Boris is going to actually quit over the victory of /mlp/, because I rather like the way he handles the Cup.

    Also, is there still no info on the person who promised to burn down his apartment if the views go over 2500 mark? I wonder if he actually did it.

    And who was that french faggot raging on stream like crazy after /mlp/ won the Cup?

  8. >That title image
    >Not using finished version

  9. >army of playtesters
    3 managers, 2 testers.