3-year-old Parseltongue child teaches 8 foot python about My Little Pony

A 3 year old girl, suspected of being a Parselmouth and the "True Heir of Slytherine", has begun to spread the magic of friendship to the snakes. The toddler, seen here, was found by her mother to be playing ponies with the family's 8-foot-long Reticulated Python in their suburban home. It is unclear at this time, if the reptile prefers Twilight Sparkle with or without her wings, or if he likes Fluttershy more in general.

The owner of the Youtube channel "Edness Taoka", has this to say: 

"Snakes are not blood thirsty monsters. They are wrongly portrayed by the media to cause panic and paranoia. These videos highlight the extremely placid nature of what actually happens looking after well kept reptiles in a domestic setting."

How wrong that statement is, has yet to be seen, however additional footage shows the child total badass playing with the 8 foot Cretaceous-period predator with a purple plastic pony and tickling it with her fingers. 

It is suspected that the child is good friends with the other little girl who opened the door to Equestria with the satanic ritual in 2014.

At press time the child has opened  a door in the family's bathroom, upon receiving instructions in some old diary she found.

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