Hulk Hogan MLP -comic encounter details revealed

Last Spring, we ran a post with a photo of an MLP comic, purportedly signed by Hulk Hogan himself, with no real backstory to go on. Well today, nearly a year later, we received an email from the owner of the comic, complete with the story of how the former WWE / WWF wrestler came to know about bronies, complete with photos of the encounter. 

The email reads as follows:

Hello HorseNews,

How are you?

I found an old article from 2015

I am here to verify that the picture of the comic signed by Hogan is my comic.

Here’s the story on how it happened:

I went on ebay and bought two copies of MLP Issue #29 Hot Topic Exclusive so I can have one of them signed by Hulk Hogan. According to his agent, named Ron, I have to pay $100 to have the comic signed and have a picture of Hogan signing it.

So I end paying the $100, along with a return slip, and have one of the comics shipped away. Also, I wrote a letter to Hogan as to explain what Bronies are, why I joined the fandom, why I am a fan, and about the comic I gave him.

The next following week, I received an e-mail from stating that they will be teaming up with Susan G. Komen in DC for the Race for the Cure event. The event will feature WWE Diva Layla, WWE Legend Manager “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart…and Hulk Hogan!

When I heard that Hogan was coming, I HAD TO GO THERE! Not to mention, I have the 2nd copy of my MLP comic and I thought it will be great idea to have Hogan signed it.

Fast Forward to the Susan G. Komen event, WWE had a Meet and Greet with Hogan, Jimmy, and Layla. I had Jimmy Hart sign my Legends of WrestleMania Video Game, I got an autograph from Layla, and then two from Hogan (a regular autograph and my Legends of WrestleMania game). Then, I presented Hogan my MLP comic.

This is what his reaction was:

Hogan: Ponies?!?…….Hmmmmm….That’s interesting, brother! *signs the comic* Here you go, Little Pony!

I thanked him and Layla for the autographs and took a pic with him and Layla. Two weeks later, I got my Original Copy signed by Hogan and his agent sent me a pic of it. This all happened before the whole Racism Controversy involving Hogan but whatever had been said about him, I don’t care because my meeting with Hulk Hogan for the 1st time meant a whole lot to me that I will cherish forever. In response, I sent him a Hallmark Card at his Beach Shop in Florida telling him that I still support him and hope for the best.

At BronyCon 2015, I brought my 2nd copy, which I call my Backup Copy, as a reference for my CM Pony cosplay (a mashup of MLP/Ex-WWE SuperStar CM Punk) and one of the photographers took a snapshot of me with it.

Not to mention, on Sunday's BC 2015, I met WWE NXT SuperStar Corey Graves who saw my CM Pony cosplay and he loved it. He took pics of me: one as a Selfie with him and the other to send to - yup - CM Punk. Why? Corey told me that Punk and him are best friends in real life and he sent the pic of me in my cosplay to his cellphone. In response, I helped Corey Graves on how to find the Mane Event room since he didn’t know his way around the Convention Center and he was able to film the Closing Ceremonies for his show Culture Shock.
That’s all I have to say and thank you for using my picture of my Comic.

Thanks for the story dude.
We're only disappointed he didn't call you a Jabroni during the encounter.

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  1. That's... pretty damn cool tbh. Nice.

  2. >thinking Hulk would call someone a jabroni

    what is this site, run by little babies?

  3. Hulk Hogan is a new world order promoting satanist.

  4. That's pretty cool, about as neat as when I got Nolan Ryan and Josh Hamilton to take a picture with Rainbow Dash.

  5. He didn't call anyone a jabroni? Are you sure?

  6. I want to cum inside Hulk Hogan

  7. cool story, Hogan seems like a real dude

  8. That's awesome! Thanks for telling your story and posting all the photos!


  10. Ha, a good article on HN! What a surprise!

  11. Holy shit, no shitposters yet? Oh my god, this is a legendary day.

  12. Such a nice fucking story, great change of pace.

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  14. Hey HorseNews, Thanks for posting my story on the site. I did left out one thing about the Susan G. Komen Event at DC when I met Hogan, Layla, and Jimmy Hart.

    On Saturday, the day of the Race/Walk for the Cure, Hogan and Jimmy didn't walk with Team WWE and I because they were at a Press Conference with the Press and Media. Therefore, WWE Diva Layla walked with us. As we did, I whipped out my Nintendo 3Ds and recorded the walk with Layla and the Team...when Layla notice my MLP 3Ds decal. She said "Oh is that My Little Pony? We sing about that in England. What's the song here?" Me and another Team WWE member said "Same song as here." Layla says, "We sing like that and we call it 'My Little Pony. Skinny and Boney." I then explained about Bronies and Pegasisters are to her and, like Hulk Hogan, Layla respects my interest but, like Corey Graves, it's not her thing. I still have footage of this on my 3Ds along with the Meet and Greet where I met Hogan, Layla, and Jimmy before I got my autograph on the comic.

    - CM Pony. sXe

    I had delete the original post cause I didn't leave my name on it.


    My favorite wrestler has become a faggot. I think I'll shoot myself. Goddbye, cruel world.