Christmas Night becomes Christmas Fight - Bareknuckle Hugboxing for charity

Twas the fight before Christmas
And all 'cross the net
A shitstorm was brewing
That none would forget

For those of you who don't frequent EQD, you might be unaware of the PR nightmare that became of the release of a song called "This Christmas Night", a holiday themed song sung by 5 Voice Actors and Actresses of My Little Pony, and their friend, some guy named Gabriel.

Ostensibly, the song is intended to raise money for a charity effort, something we can whole-heartedly support (as we are just assholes, NOT monsters). However that message quickly became lost in the muck and the mire that is one man's ego, and an online comment section.

The theater for this showdown? Equestria Daily of all places (or at least it was, before the mass comment deletions by administrators)

It is clear that Gabriel was doing little to improve his image in the community in his responses to many of these comments.

Honestly, including screencaps of the entire exchange would take pages of space, you can go examine the whole thing at your own discretion.

The reason we're posting this at all, is because it's mentioned in the exchange that this is somehow all OUR doing in the first place

For the record, saying that it's "all" exaggerated, is - in itself - an exaggeration.

By now you must be wondering what all of this is about. What we can gather is that this is ongoing backlash for the $100 Skype Chat that is now for sale on "" which many fans have deemed distasteful in recent days. This, being the first recent major post involving Gabe on the much larger web community  of Equestria Daily allowed it to be the first outlet to voice opinions on the matter. The multiple hour-long tirade was only fueled by his presence on the thread and his tendency to reply to those voicing negative opinions of his public behavior.

Other commenters had concerns with the method of the charity itself, as it lacked any discernible "direct donate" option for the cause, only allowing those in a giving mood to give by purchasing the song, and trusting that the proceeds find their way to the organization.

The links provided for the purchase of the track linked to his personal BandCamp page and Michelle Creber's "cdbaby" account.

The charity link provided offers only one option for donation, a confusing page with a single option

"Help build a school
Price: $10,000.00
Quantity: 1
Add to Cart"

There is no obvious "Direct Donation" option for this charity, so those who wish to donate money to the cause must do so in the form of "gifts" which begin at $10 For those of you who do not wish to purchase this track but would still like to assist developing communities in Africa, we invite you to do so with that link.

Well, you seem to have enough time to respond to EQD comments...

But there you have it. Anything bearing the Black Grieving brand seems to be tainted currently, to the point that even the hugbox is taking the gloves off.

We now return you to your hiatus, already in progress.

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  1. "But sure, I should get to know you. After all, it only costs $100."


    1. Dude, I almost fell backwards in my chair when I read that part.

  2. There isn't even enough ice in all of Canada to treat Black Gryphon's burns


  4. "But sure, I should get to know you. After all, it only cost $100"

    F U C K I N G S A V A G E

  5. >Well, you seem to have enough time to respond to EQD comments...
    Blackgryphon's reasoning on why he can't talk to fans on Skype is understandable. Why must you compare that to comment section on EQD?

    You keep attacking BG's side but you never even approach the other side of the coin.
    What about Blackout? Why should he let other people affect his enjoyment of the show? Why must he be affected by a random guy on the internet? Why must he complain about the price that BG puts up? It's really unfair Liki. It's very unfair.

    I know. Horse News shouldn't be treated seriously. I'm just voicing my opinion.

    1. Because that "random guy on the internet" is voicing the opinion of everyone else who is too afraid to actually speak up.

      Face it, Gabe is an idiot with an ego the size of the sun and he's revealed himself as such. Quit white knighting.

    2. >Ego
      >White Knight
      Nice buzzwords.

      >is voicing the opinion of everyone
      What opinion? About what? He just tried to defend himself by saying that he is proud of what he had accomplished, and what he will accomplish by booking gigs and being productive. How is that a bad thing?

      You know the first comment that started this? The comment that wasn't shown in the post? The comment that says "This comment has been deleted by the administrator" that Liki apparently didn't bother looking up what the original is?
      It's Blackout saying his already-filled up ego is being filled even more.

      If pointing out Blackout for being stupidly immature as "White Knighting", then I don't know what is not White Knighting anymore.

      How is raising raising money for charity, making a song for the season, and even having collaborative moment with show staff, deemed to be a bad thing? Because of his ego? Really?

      What do you want then? No music? No charity drive? No show staff collaboration? Because apparently, you sound as if you're too afraid for him to get so much recognition.

      He already mentioned in the past. He worked hard to get where he is now, and he is still working hard because the tasks of the position he is in now is not something so easily done. He can be proud of that.

      Is being proud of one's accomplishments something you call egotistical?

    3. The funny thing is, in all of this, HN is not taking sides, they are only presenting information and showing how others are reacting. I believe that in all three articles now revolving around BG and the drama that has ensued, HN has only highlighted that the drama is going on and showing people opinions that might otherwise not be seen due to those trying to imposed their personal brand of censorship.

      If Gabe has been given every opportunity to tell his side of things, but most of his comments boil down to referring to his critics jealous and talent-less idiots whoes opinions and recollection of events do not matter because they are not important enough. All the while having this "lol, you mad?" attitude that makes it sound like he is trolling and trying to rile people up further, or at the least like he is trying to sound funny in all this.

      I've known BG for awhile now and as goofy as he is, witty he is not. His sense of humor is like that of a young child, along with laughing at his own jokes. It is one thing to behave like that in front of an audience what will polity give a smile and a nod, maybe even a sympathetic laugh, but on the internet it just comes off as arrogant. He acts like he is above all of this, yet there he is in the thick of it all, fueling the flames.

    4. Yes Anonymous13 December 2015 at 01:44, Gabe worked very hard networking with just the right people to get where he is today. Meanwhile others who have just as much talent, if not more, who are also working hard, if not harder, go overlooked and unnoticed. It is another example of the old saying "It's not what you know, but who you know."

      And, no, none of this said out of jealousy, though envy is the word you morons are looking for. I am not involved in the entertainment industry, not have any plans to break in, as it were. Simply stated, people tend to get rather frustrated when they can tell blatant nepotism is happening to give someone a leg-up over their competition.

    5. >HN is not taking sides
      Look closer. They take jabs on their subjects here and there frequently.

      >most of his comments boil down to referring to his critics jealous and talent-less idiots whoes opinions and recollection of events do not matter because they are not important enough
      Similar to your comment on him, he once convinced someone that hating on him because "he's arrogant" is not something he is trying to do. He's only one person, and people want to see him as such. IMO, he's just tired of hate comments like "I don't like you. you're arrogant" and just making a laugh out of it.

      You really shouldn't judge him because of suspicions. Suspicions like "he acts like he is above all of this." /mlp/ would have done the same as him. He doesn't feel necessary to convince haters that he's someone to be respected. He just shows how ridiculous the hate comments are against him.

    6. There is a very big difference between being proud of your own accomplishments, and blatantly waving your success in the face of anyone and everyone who criticizes you and saying "YOU DON'T KNOW ME!" ( )

      One one hand you have someone who perhaps displays their diplomas or awards on the wall and wears a jacket with a varsity patch on it wherever they go or whatever.

      On the other, you have people who do nothing buy tell people how successful they are as an argument to whatever is being discussed. Ex: Donald Trump's incessant need to brag about his vast fortune at every debate and interview he does, and bring up how he's having this or that building built.

      His argument of 'you don't know me personally' is completely invalid. No shit we don't know him personally. We know him as a performer, which is his profession. We know him "professionally". And professionally, he's a stuck up asshole. Personally? I don't really give a shit, that has nothing to do with it.

    7. Anonymous13 December 2015 at 02:04

      This was incoherent and make no sense. It is very unclear what point you are trying to make.

      "He doesn't feel necessary to convince haters that he's someone to be respected. He just shows how ridiculous the hate comments are against him."

      This is seriously retarded. If one feels they have no reason to prove why they should be respected while just laughing at their critics, they people have no real reason to show him any respect.

      This all would of just blown over if people had just been allowed to say their peace and he left things alone, but by engaging with his critics Gabe has kicked the proverbial hornets nest and painted himself a target. It is his own damn fault if he gets stung.

    8. @13 December 2015 at 02:08
      Is that really what he's doing? Blatantly showing off his accomplishments and success in the face of everyone? Is he really a stuck up asshole like you say? Because honestly, if we're talking about stuck up assholes, it's Pikapetey and Minty Root. Always showing how better they are than other people. I never saw Gabe come close to the level of those two.

      Regarding the "You don't know me personally." yes, it would have been worded better. But don't you think it's understandable that people like Gabe doesn't let the opinions of random people online affect him? He can take advices, sure, but not "I'm going to change my life because of your opinion."

      People online judge you as if they know you. You should not let them directly affect you, otherwise, you're screwed, and I'm sure you know that.

      @13 December 2015 at 02:17
      What I'm saying is that this argument shouldn't be one sided. yes, it's his fault for replying to people like Blackout. But doesn't Blackout and Cpt Warisarcy get the blame here too? Making accusations that he's being egotistical about this charity drive? Saying how he's egotistical just because he said "I agree" to a post? What they did was pretty fucking pathetic too if you ask me.

      And yet people keep hating on Gabe because "He's arrogant."

      I'm not trying to direct this conversation towards Gabe.
      Do you see the first comment?
      It's about the people like Blackout. They get a free pass from the repercussion of the things they do, and I hope you see the same thing.

    9. gabe why are you posting anonymously?

    10. "But don't you think it's understandable that people like Gabe doesn't let the opinions of random people online affect him?"

      But that's just it. He does. In fact he takes such great offense to what absolute no name nobodies have to say to him, that he feels the need to reply and argue about the matter instead of just ignoring it.

      The professional thing to do is ignore those who criticize if you have nothing else to say, and thank your fans and those who support you. He instead focused on arguments and defending what faceless nobodies had to say about him, which shouldn't really matter.

      "Is he really a stuck up asshole like you say?" Yes. He is. Because both here in HN comments and in EqD now he has felt the need to say "But you know what, I'm a professional. I'm to busy being a PROFESSIONAL. I can't possibly be judged because I'M A PROFESSIONAL. I'm to busy doing performances and m-m-m-muh manager!"

      Flaunting that you are a success just to tell people that their opinions of you shouldn't count is doing nothing other then saying 'You can't judge me because you are not a success. I am.' It's that very attitude that will drag down his success.

      All he had to do was ignore them, and instead thank his fans and provide polite comments to them to keep his professional appearance in good standing. He chose to not do that.

    11. I get your point but honestly, you can't blame him from trying to respond to criticisms. Either way, if he doesn't respond, people will just say "He's too professional for us. He's never going to reply to you."

      As for "I'm professional than you", I don't recall BG using Professionalism as a defense. The only time they use that is when they were accused for being too hard on the pricing in the Skype call, as well as being called out for not servicing his fans by offering it for free, that's why he has to explain how the industry works and thus, mentioning that he is part of that industry by being a professional.

      Honestly, like I said before, I'm not trying to drive this through Gabe. Though I have my reasons on defending him, I don't really care much about him as a person. Yes, he have his mistakes, but I just wanted to point out the people like Blackout and Warcsys- whatever, should also get repercussion from what they attempted to do.

      And yet they are seen as the saviour in this drama.
      Fucking sad.

    12. You want blame being put on people giving their honest opinion about someone and their observed behavior? What fucking blame should be put on them?

      See, this kind of shit is what pisses me off, it is that "sit down and shut up if you don't have anything to say we like" attitude. Everyone should be able to express their opinion openly and honestly, without some weird ass "repercussions." The fact people keep trying to make social pariahs out of those that are open about their opinions is why so many post anonymously.

    13. >Ego is a buzzword
      So this guy doesn't really know what words mean.


  7. Does anyone else think it's really shady that they're "raising money for charity"? Can anyone find ANY proof that the money is actually helping anyone? I doubt the money is going anywhere but in their pockets. They're just trying to make themselves look good after the skype fiasco.

  8. Why are people here so fucking obsessed with charity? You treat it as if it's something you can't live without.

    Stop painting good colors on yourself HN. You may like charity, doesn't negate the fact that you wish other people to kill themselves, passively harass them online, promote drama like this post, call the majority of the fandom retarded, etc..

    IMO pretty much the only way you can balance it out is to donate with charity. People can't call you out because you donate to charity. That's what you see charity as. A fucking defense mechanism from what you normally do.

    1. Really? You still believe HN is trying to "balance it out"? Everyone knows HN's reputation, there's no balancing to do.
      The reasons why they report on charity is 1) they post every press release tey get and 2) there is always drama and hilarity.

      Stop trying to paint yourself in good colors by criticizing the easy target.

  9. I'm actually feeling bad for Gabriel. I don't think he is realising how bad the comments he makes are on his image. He will learn though.

  10. Suck it Blues!!!

  11. Regarding being proud of acomplisments.. it's ok if he posts about them on his networks making people aware of his activities but when you use them as an arguement especially to a "stranger" it just makes you look bad. I feel a little bit bad for the guy but he shouldn't victimise himself.. I think most of his problems right now is because he is brushing off horse news and people alike who are not so positive as he is normally used to. Brushing them off as uneducated isn't good either on grounds of "You don't know me". However from what I learned you can get to know someone pretty well from their attitude online.. He should know having met most of his friends online beforehand too.

    What he forgets though is that that stuff happens and there is usually a pretty good reason(s) for it. Everyone including horse news are still people and are entitled to their opinion (even though horse news only linked stuff previously.

    If I were him I would reach out to horse news or alike privately and have a chat and see if he might be missing the ball on something and ask what they think could improve his standing on this... Pretty sure they would have no problems with earning or merchandise or being part of show staff. It's a lot more simpler then that.

    If he can't do that then If I were him I would not say a word anymore and pray it would die off... not the best thing though but better then the way he is responding now.

    1. Going to reply to your other comment first, but I think this is the 3rd time he hasn't gotten on the ball (fourth if one wants to include a deleted conversation I tried to have with him on YouTube/G+) I am not sure if he ever will.

      I look at HN as in reporting what they see rather than putting an opinion (I liken an opinion to bias most of the time as it's difficult to ever really stay neutral in these sorts of situations) on these situations as most of the articles are screen caps with a few pieces of commentary. It could be their opinion but it doesn't deviate from the records.

      The solution to his PR nightmare is actually pretty simple. Be transparent and honest with what he's doing. If he says he is going to do 'X' he needs to conform to what 'X' entails. Not do 'X' but make up his (or his team's) rules or procedures on how to do something. Other than that I have a feeling based on my interactions with him that he really doesn't see the world as everyone else does, in fact the OP of that commented agreed with my consideration that he has difficulty in looking at others through their own eyes and is a bit too concerned with what is said about him versus what actually concerns him. It is challenging I'll admit at times.

    2. *comment section of YouTube.

      Though at any rate I do resort to WarGames when I'm in a similar situation. "The only winning move is not to play."

  12. BG doesnt seem to realize that by attempting to become an entertainment industry professional, he is becoming a public figure where image is everything. Thus everything he does in the public light will be judged. It's a popularity contest, and he's losing badly. He should try to surround himself with other successful people who can show him the ropes.

  13. Internet outrage is not something that you should fight with.
    Most people do not know you, so they judge your actions.
    They judge them by their own moral and/or intelectual standards.
    If 100 people say (In any way) that what you did is stupid/offensive/bad,
    then by 100 people's standards this action was bad.
    It is an information for you than for this 100 people something is wrong
    with your actions.
    Then you should think if that should affect your actions.
    If yes, then you should correct the things you think are wrong after getting the new information.
    If no, then you should not care.

    Every opinion is valuable. For thier owner as one of a kind,
    for others as one of many that form a larger picture.


  15. Nice to see BG hasn't learned a fucking thing

  16. iam sorry its just these things piss me off so much

  17. This is still going on? What the fuck?

    I thought BG would've retreated back to his ivory tower to ignore us peasants, but apparently he still has time to shout down at the masses. This drama was nice and ready to die, but he had to go and cast Raise Dead on it.

    GG BG

  18. Control your rage asswipe.
    The problem isn't him charging 100. That was never the problem. He can charge as much as he wants.





  22. sure he did bad things on here, but that’s just his computer life, & everyone knows that real life means much more than computer life, & he had a good real life, his family loved him, his friends loved him, he was a good person, sure he may have made some bad things on the internet, but just because he was a bad person on the internet (I know, I did those things too), doesn’t automatically mean he’s a bad person in real life, but you know who the real culprits are you guys, you guys have been acting like assholes to everything, not just to him, but to all people who share their opinions and/or just try to be good-hearted and do what’s right, you don’t care about others’ feelings, opinions, or ways of liking things, or if it involves the right thing or trying to compromise, you just be rude, crude, and act like complete asshole by ranting, insulting, and telling others to Fuck-Off & things like that, just because you don’t like it, and you only do that because you think you can badmouth anything and anyone you can, just because you hate it, and you wouldn’t get hurt and punished because your in the safety and comfort of your home and they can’t hurt you because your separated thousands of miles away and they don’t know who you are or what’s your address, when in actuality, you are hurting someone feelings and insulting someone feelings that it can even drive to beating him/herself up to death, and I understand you’d be mad at him, but you can’t tell him to kill himself just because of some pieces on the internet, it’s okay to be angry, you just have to be angry in the right way, cause if you don’t, you can give the people the same fate as someone who killed himself, so if you think that Gabe “deserves to fuck off” just because of some things that where done on the internet, then you’re just a heartless, asinine, bastard, and you should burn in hell, and these my last 2 words to you…
    ...FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (no offense & have a Merry Christmas)

    1. I do love hypocritical pricks like this. Just as you've been able to say your peace and give your honest opinion on the behavior of others, which is negative and insulting, everyone else deserves and has the right to do the same, without consequences.

      The Internet is not one big hugbox, there are no safe-spaces. Hell, one of the reasons people are so nasty online is because it is one of the last bastions of true free speech. People need to get their nasty thoughts out, it's therapeutic.

    2. tl;dr he dindu nuthin

    3. He need dat money fo them programs.

    4. I'm so glad i'm not the only person in here defending Gabe.

  23. Gabe really can't stop himself from replying to online comments, and the more he talks the worse he makes himself look. It wouldn't have become this bad if he just stopped replying earlier.


  25. The one who started the whole thing, Blackout, was banned from Equestria Daily. Guess calling out Gabe on his shit didn't sit well with Sethisto and company.

    1. Can't bite the cock that feeds ya, especially if Eqd wants to "stay official" and not piss of VAs, agents, Hasjews, Dhx staffs, etc.

    2. Why am I not surprised. Poor asshole didn't do anything wrong, yet he gets punished for Gabe acting like a dick.

  26. >implying I'm also not a monster

  27. I got to read all the butthurt on EqD before... well I dunno if it'll be pulled, but the blog is rife with all sorts of "opinions" and "retorts".

    Basically, the lesson here is this - if you can't take the heat, get a publicist and stop reading the posts of detractors. You can't win. It's the internet. NOBODY WINS.

  28. Ok just who the hell runs Horse news. Did they really have the nerve to call Gabe "some guy"?! WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE SO AGAINST HIM?! WELL ANSWER ME YOU SELFISH PRICKS!

    1. tl;dr he comes across as a guy who is very egotistical and thinks too highly of himself in comparison to regular people (i.e. he won't interact with them without charging money).

      No one likes that kind of person.

    2. Do you even know him on a personal level?

    3. There's an older article on here about his $100 Skype calls. A few of the testimonies from those that know him in person align with what he's been doing online. One of those kinds of folks that I would not want to know on a personal level.

    4. Because he is just some guy who got where he is riding the popularity of the show and gaining an inside connection with the staff through the very fandom he now scoffs at. Gabe is not a celebrity by any real measure, but acts like he should be treated like he's just another over of the show staff, putting himself above all those he left behind as he ascends into his "professional" career.

  29. Is that the only thing you say because you say the same fucking thing over and over again.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. This is the one reason I want Mrs. Faust's Wild Ride to end: moderately-talented (i.e. as good as any of a number of karaoke-bar-ready singers on YouTube) 'performers' who attained their fanbase on horsefame will lose all their steam.

    If Gabe REALLY thought he was such hot shit, he would go on The Voice or American Idol or whatever the fuck singing shows are on nowadays and blow away the country with his insane pipes. But... he knows he's not the best thing since sliced bread. Or rather, in his mind he knows that, but he maintains the whole 'herpaderp i'm da most well-known fandom person!' bit.

    Also, Gabe, from now on you really need to have people just call you a Navy vet, at best, and only as a minor mention. Anyone who's been in knows that the three NAMs you're waving around are fucking 'did-my-job-medals', and I can't even list the number of guys on my ship who "totally would have been a SEAL, man, just, like, my knee acted up." What you COULD or WOULD have been reflects nothing on who you are.

    Also, you were a fucking MU and are probably less-salty than a deck seaman who's been on a ship for a month. Just super saiyan 2.

  32. Is BG still doing the 100 dollars per 30 minutes of skype chat? I hope not. I wonder why he doesn't just talk to close friends on Skype and do the odd livestream like regular people do. 'I don't know you, I chat with my friends on skype' isn't complicated.

  33. Is BG still doing the 100 dollars per 30 minutes of skype chat? I hope not. I wonder why he doesn't just talk to close friends on Skype and do the odd livestream like regular people do. 'I don't know you, I chat with my friends on skype' isn't complicated.