Nazi Horse and Brendan Heavily Involved With Firing of WWE Employee

I mean, who would like this over Aryanne
Zahra Schreiber, former employee of World Wrestling Entertainment and girlfriend of wrestler Seth Rollins, has been fired from the WWE, who said "WWE released Zahra Schreiber due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention.” One could only assume that these are referencing her response to Brendan when he complained about several Swastikas posted since 2012, including a tattoo of a red-maned G3 pony sporting a hitlerstache and a Nazi armband and a wooden Swastika posted on a wall, which was likely worse than posting the images in the first place.
One of the other images that our hero Brendan took offense to 

In response to Brendan, she rebutted, “The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before Hitler turned it into an icon.” Her critic counter-argued that the Hitler pony was irrefutable evidence that, at least one of the Swastikas posted, was directly referencing the fascist movement. Other defenses Schreiber used against our hero included, "...I can hang whatever photos I want in MY room or MY instagram. Just like she can post all over her networking sites how she thinks women who are prolife are idiots. We all have our own opinions and lifestyles. I don’t comment on hers so I expect the same [...] I don’t really give a shit what it means to other people Brendan". No one knows why she exploded over poor Brendan; I have never known a Brendan who wasn't really cool (albeit, I haven't actually met a Brendan before, but I digress). I mean, who could hate a kid like this:

First Brendan I could find on Google Images

While the pictures were initially posted prior to Schreiber’s employment at WWE, the organization felt that these, as well as her response the hero of our story, was deemed bad enough to lose her job over. WWE, Zahra Schreiber, Seth Rollins, or Brendan have not commented on the issue outside of the initial announcement thus far and Schreiber has protected her Twitter account in case any radical friends and supporters of Brendan's decide to complain about her directly.

Her Twitter right now

I would like to wish Brendan a safe future free from harassment from Schreiber's own radical supporters.

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  1. Be honest now: would you fuck Zahra Schreiber? Hardstyle or are you gonna be little pussies and go for that softcore shit on her?

    That ass of hers. I'd fuck it till I got a poopdick.

  2. >“The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before Hitler turned it into an icon.”
    Stupid bitch. There's a difference between a traditional swastika and a Nazi swastika.

    1. This. No one on the fucking planet (at least in any English speaking country) draws a swastika as a symbol of "prosperity and luck" anymore. It's like when someone calls someone else a fag and when they get called out they respond with the "durr fag are bundle of stick lolol" line.

    2. You've obviously never been with or seen Asian buddhist monks cracker. Shows how tolerant you are. Shove your fucking neo colonialist thinking straight up your goatse ass.

    3. What does a buddhist monk's cracker have to do with anything?

    4. Considering the numbers here:
      and with 40% of those in the US live in SoCal
      We're talking about a very small group of people, and thus thinly spread out over a significant amount of area - its not surprising (to me, at least) that a very very small amount of Americans are familiar with that usage of the swastika.

      Consider this: roughly **60 MILLION** military personnel and civilians were killed during WWII ( and the North American and European continents COMBINED have a Buddhist population of 5,190,000. ( The swastika being used as a representation of one side of such a massive and world changing conflict is obviously going to cause people to pair it with evil vs good in the allied countries with very low Buddhist populations.

      Please descend from your social justice warrior soapbox and think about why something is the way it is before jumping in front of non-existent bullets to satisfy yourself that you are protecting the minority.

    5. I'm not an SJW. Only the biggest faggots would let someone simply drawing a swastika offend them. But, if you're going to draw something with the obvious intent of offending said faggots, don't do a 360 and try to bullshit your way out of it.

      "O-oh, you don't understand, I didn't mean it THAT way!"

      Fuck off.

  3. WTF is this article and WTF is a Brendan? Im confus.

  4. Gross Grossman

  5. Lieberaltards and their censorships. Literally cancer that is killing the white race.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

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