The Comics are back

Hey remember how we use to make those comics, like, a month and a half ago and we got so hammered we all forgot? Well we sobered up and remembered them. Woops.

Behold the latest master piece. More to come. Unless we forget again.

We will.

Apologies for being a bitch

Comments (5)

  1. Where's you motivation? I got it right here, open wide.


  2. The comics are shit. Whenever I see them I want to kill myself then claw my eyes out and punch my screen, in that order. The art is so fucking shitty I almost drowned in my own puke today. Those goddamn characters deserve to be punched in the dick so hard they change sex.

    1. >Whenever I see them I want to kill myself

      Who's stopping you?

    2. You do know that you can actually submit your "superior" comics using the Submit button on the right and mods might even replace their own "shitty" comics with yours? This way you will be able to kill yourself without having to go through clawing your eyes out and punching your screen.