MLP Remix Album - who the hell ARE these people?

As you know by now, by following other news sites that shill for master Hasbro much harder than we could ever hope to, Daniel Ingram released an official EDM album full of MLP remixes. earlier today. What you may NOT know, is who the fuck any of the "artists" on that album actually are. And you're not alone, as many of them, as we've found, are virtual nobodies!

Let's take a look through the tracklist.

Uhhhh....not ringing any bells? That's because half of the artists have even fewer followers than we do.

Here have some links to educate yourselves.

This is the artist that supposedly being credited as "Angel Bunny" - 9 tracks on Soundcloud - 3553 Followers
Volant is apparently working with Monstercat, so that's cool. - 1212 followers  - 22 Tracks

"buddygirrl" or rather, "The Artist Formerly Known as Buddygirrl"

No, seriously.
Buddygirrl Skyelle is a progressive / chill producer from Ohio who made the first track on the album, and interestingly enough has the official My Little Pony twitter account actually following her. Can we expect more of this girl in the future? - 22 Tracks - 3261 followers

Hollidayrain, a producer from Denver Colorado is a bit of an enigma, having a very limited social media presence (his last post on facebook was in August of Last Year), and despite this has provided 2 songs for this album. His entire discography is apparently available for download here.

Here's his studio.

Daisy O'dell is...this chick?

She has 500 Soundcloud followers and does some more traditional DJing with old rock songs. How she ended up on Pony we have no idea.

Feint, very probably one of the bigger stars on the entire album (he's actually Facebook Verified!) is another Monstercat producer, with over 44 Thousand Soundcloud subscribers and 164 Thousand Youtube Subscribers. As you probably noticed by his name, he's very Drum and Bass heavy, and hails from the UK.

Somebody find out how they GOT this guy on this album.

Oh. Big buckets of money.

Faust and Shortee, another pair of producers with an identity crisis, as neither one of them is actually Lauren Faust. We now ignore everything else about them.

Someone I guess we're supposed to know who they are, but simply don't. They have over 78 Thousand twitter followers and tens of thousands of soundcloud plays. They are part of the "\m/etal electro movement" whatever the hell that means, we assume it has something to do with their leather furry bondage gear.


A man WITHOUT an identity crisis, as he's very concise about who he is.

He is orange. And he does Detroit Dubstep and House music. 

He has less than 900 soundcloud followers, but hey, he's from our home turf. So props to him for that.
He definitely defines the "literally who" of this album however.

Acid Paradox. 159 Twitter followers. 18 Soundcloud tracks.
His last Youtube video got 260 views.
We have no fucking idea how he's on this album.

Rubicon7 we've decided to just use their own self-description on their soundcloud.

(323) 301-3474

R7 is one of the fastest-rising electro house production and EDM duos in the United States today with a weekly residency on Digitally Imported Radio plus live performances in 2013-14 with Paradiso Festival, BT, Tiesto, Tommy Trash, Quintino, and Treefort Music Fest."

One of those names sounded familiar, as being important about a decade and a half ago. We in no way encourage you to prank call the phone number they leave listed everywhere.

Justin Lassen. "Dark classical composer, remixer and producer. brightly singing to your darkest dreams."
Aka, Lunafag.
514 twitter followers.
318 Soundcloud subscribers.

Congrats on the big break I guess Justin?

According to Music Times, Justin Lassen is actually the real producer of this album and it took over 2 years to coordinate, which makes us wonder what Daniel Ingram actually had to do with it.

Lassen actually IS a brony based on what we read here.

Last but not least "Arkasia Concept"
A French kid from Paris who uses a pre-aborted fetus as a logo. He's a wubstepper on the same label as the fake Faust.  2700 twitter followers, another "how in the fuck" entry on this roster of DJs.

So now you know who's music you're going to shell out 10 dollars for (if you don't pirate it off of the link on the youtube video).


We have no idea how any of these people got involved in the production of an official My Little Pony remix album.

All that aside, tell us what you think of the music itself.

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  1. "Somebody find out how they GOT this guy on this album."

    They paid him:

  2. One one hand, it's nice that lesser known people get recognition this way. On the other hand, that's only a good thing if they're better than the usual Living MandoGryphon.

    1. I would suspect, they probably would have had better sales if they had included even a token few tracks from fandom(Horse) famous artists. As it, I suspect that a lot of these artists followers probably do not have much interest in an album with colorful ponies on it of various tracks remixed from what is essentially a cartoon show. As such, I suspect that Bronies are certainly the target audience here.

      On the brony front however, it would be something of an easier sale, as it seems there are always those as soon as merchandise associated however tenuously with the word 'Pony' pops up, their wallets instantly spring open and they start fangasming in ecstasy that they get to buy whatever Hasbro is shilling (IE: anything EqG related). Still, one has to wonder if even among these a few are asking themselves "Who are all these people?".

      Have to love the refreshing honesty of Feint though. Basically saying, 'Absolutely no idea what this is for, where the music is from, nothing about the show or fandom, but it pays well so I'm in" :D

    2. >MandoGryphon
      >implying they were ever good.

      Kill yourself.

  3. I wonder if any of them are horse fuckers.

  4. Wait, Angel Bunny is Volant? Apparently he used to make pony music but removed it all before working with Monstercat

  5. Why they just didn't asked brony fandom musicians? Why they used same random unknown people?

  6. >it's literally all dubstep

  7. Apparently an official remix album is nothing more than what the fandom creates normally, but for 10 bucks instead of free.
    Just gonna skip it.

  8. You ask and I reply! I am music reviewer type person and this is OFFICIAL HORSE NEWS EXCLUSIVE REVIEW of My Little Pony DJ remixing albums!

    Buddygirrl starts us off with a very nice, rousing remix of Pinkie's "Smile Song", after which we move into an "anyone in the fandom could have made this" light-dubstep version of "Love Is in Bloom". The main thing that bothers me about that remake is they pitched the vocals down, or else redid them completely, and instead of Rebecca Soishet's soaring voice, it sounds like the singer was rather bored with the whole thing. Hollidayrain's "Babs Seed" (no, official website, there should be no apostrophe in there) is another "sounds like fandom" track, but more on the positive side. Granted, it would have been made by a fandom artist who's been doing low-key remixes and shitty originals for a year, but still the kind of production that shows progress. Daisy O'Dell's version of "Every Pony" (are you kidding me? That's what they call "Becoming Popular"?) is perfectly fine up until the halfway point, when it craps itself and forgets it's trying to be music. Can't say I have any particular feelings about Feint's "Winter Wrap Up", though I'm at least impressed that (not Lauren) Faust and Shortee took on Pinkie's "Welcome Song". It's not the best remix I've ever heard, but it stands out, and the vocal pitching actually works with the grungy acid instrumentals. I wanna know where Heavygrinder got the vocals for their "Cutie Mark Crusaders" remix; not only do are they on-key, they sound great! The remix itself is pretty hot, too, but I of course love d'n'b. It's the best CMC remix since Alex S, and easily the best track on the album. I Am Orange's "Raise This Barn" is distinctly not as good as the fandom has done in the past, but I adore what Acid Paradox have done with "This Day Aria". The other (sigh) "Every Pony" remix is interesting, possibly better than the first one, but just okay overall. Hollidayrain remixes a second track, "Love Is in Bloom". At least it doesn't have the weird vocal issue. We end with another "sounds like fandom" remix of the theme song, and a wonky remix of "Fluttershy's Song", aka "So Many Wonders". Final verdict? 6.5/10, fandom's done better, next time call DJ Amaya and Groovebot.

    1. Congrats on wasting time telling me how much time I wasted. I'm sure your parents are proud. :V

    2. Personally I would've read it through if you'd inserted some damn linebreaks. It does look tl;dr as is.

    3. Yeah, that was a poor decision on my part. :/ Looks like I can't edit it, either. OH WELL

  9. Liki strikes again with another one of them "actually proper articles"! Great job! Keep it up!

  10. who the fuck cares, its not real music if it isn't made with guitars

  11. I am deeply curious about how they picked these people for the project, and the role that Mr Ingram actually had on it.