M.A. Larson exposes his real big Peter

This was the scene on twitter several hours ago involving voice actor and hat enthusiast Peter New, who went off on an egocentric tirade regarding his own horse fame, shouting elitist views towards fans and fellow staff members. Best writer and all around swell goyim M.A. Larson quickly responded, showing us all in large detail his real Peter, the one he knows and loves at least twice a day.

courtesy of M.A. Larson
O-o-oh my. Oh man. I can't...I just...wow. I didn't know Peter worked for FedEx, because that's one large package he wants to deliver. Or he may be working at Pizza Hut, because he's obviously delivering one hot and large pepperoni.

Further photos that led to terrible sexual puns were soon revealed, thanks to both Larson and his accomplices, G.M. Berrow and Amy, and they show Peter ready and willing to bear all for you.

courtesy of Amy
Peter was in quite the hairy situation here, but I think everyone just wants to see Peter do what he's really talented at: shoving some hot meat that was put between two thick buns right in to his mouth.

courtesy of Berrow
Never change Peter. Never change.

P-please call me Peter <3 o-or better yet you can hit me up o-on twitter. Horse News w-won't let me make any personal calls...I didn't even know my dad died for about a month.

Comments (4)

  1. Peter New. What a guy. He wrote a poem on the back of a signatures photo when he was bored between signings here in Australia and gave it to me. Such a cool, be-hatted man.

  2. I want Peter New to train me.

  3. Sorry about your dad. At least you knew who he was...

  4. M. A. Larson sucks! Him and Meghan McCarthy are getting fired!