Futaloo's UK Fashion "Fun"

You'd best start believing in horribly wrong fashion shows, /mlp/. You're in one.

We were informed today that UK fashion designer Katie Eary (literally who?) has been churning out her latest in a line of pony-inspiration, with a bit of a surprise.

While we're no stranger to seeing strange things, sometimes we wonder just who the hell would think this is a good idea. Well, apparently Katie Eary does, and it is considered by her to be the height of fashion to go around in public, dressed in bright neon colors featuring a small filly with a malformed penis. And here we thought big guys with neckbeards and fedoras were the bane of fashion.

You can find a lot of her complete pieces of neon spewed filth fashionable works of art on her UK based website, specifically her SS16 collection has all of what's shown below.
Get all the bitches today with Futaloo.
Now comes with dicks on your dick.
They couldn't at least add a better one there?

>still no hooves

Just remember, you could have prevented all of this.

Neither do we. Neither do we...

But wait! It gets worse! If you didn't want to gauge out your eyes in horror, you may want to now.

Honestly, this stuff is past the point of irony - it's just ridiculousness now. I feel we have crossed a bridge recently, and there's no turning back now. That, or its fucking nothing, and we are just over-hyping a literal nobody and unintentionally boosting their infamy. Who's to say?

>UK fashion.
>Ever thinking this is good.
>Who even dresses like this?
>Am I just too poor to understand "high fashion,"?
>You can't do shit in these clothes.

Comments (19)

  1. It's ok Hasbro, you can take this one down.

    We understand.

    1. Is that actually a dick or does it just look like one?

  2. Alright, what the actual fuck.
    Like, just... why?

  3. yfw Hasbro's lawyers ignore this
    yfw no Cease and Desist banhammer
    yfw Hasbro actually thinks this is what bronies want and gives the "designer" a job as Head of Fashion Design

  4. Vote yes for the TPP and you too can stop this madness.

  5. >And here we thought big guys with neckbeards and fedoras were the bane of fashion.
    >big guys

  6. Replies
    1. >Hasn't already came
      What are you, gay?

  7. I'm just offended it isn't a horse dick on that horse.

  8. There fruiting up I tell you there fruiting up. This is what you get when 20 to 30 year old males watch a TV show intended for 8 year old girls. God damn fruit bowls.

  9. /mlp/ doesn't have a line to cross in terms of unacceptability. I'll check the url again but I swear I was visiting horse-news.net

    1. >/mlp/
      >still going to cuckchan
      >not realizing that /mlp/ was ruined by SJW cucks

      Kill yourself.

    2. >Still using a browser that only goes on only 1 board.
      >Not just using both.

  10. Our autism is spreading.

  11. >no horsecock