Pony Jar Cum-Back

Last year, we posted about an event that shook the very foundations of our fandom's collective sanity, and completely obliterated our sides in 2014, even becoming a click-bait article on the so called "typical 4-channer activity," - otherwise known as the Pony Cum Jar Project.

For those of you who can't read aren't in the know, an extremely important experiment for purely scientific purposes was started in 2014 by some based Anon who decided it wasn't good enough just to want to cum inside Rainbow Dash, he wanted her to drown in it. However, as with all good science experiments, a tragedy befell the poor, innocent jar. Spunkanon had left it too close near a heat radiator, and wound up boiling the contents inside. What better to do than to post an update explaining what happened? The results speak for themselves.

On 09. May 2015 - as if to celebrate the 70th anniversary of V-Day, this same OP has cum-back with a vengeance, determined to drown yet another unsuspecting pony within the wet and sticky confines of his love-juices.

To start this anew, one could say he has a lot of spunk. :^)

One brave anon has dared to ask the OP what pone goes in the jar this time, but has yet to receive a response. More to cum as this story develops.
Link to the original thread until it 404's.

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  1. Is he paying you to write about this?



  3. *reads title*
    Haha, this isn't what I think it is, what is it really?
    *reads article*
    *slowly closes laptop*
    That's enough internet for today.

    1. Yep. Pretty much my reaction exactly.