TwiBot Strikes Hard, Neon Human Spazzes Out

One human learned the true meaning of showing the world how his head is stuck up his ass after he got in an argument today against the one thing he/she/ze/we/pe was no contest to: TwiBot.

Twitter user and self proclaimed SJW/PurpleTinker lapdog Neondart  today was greeted and challenged to a duel of whits by a bot of unlimited kek and lost his/her/zer/wer/per wits while all onlookers lost their sides.

Neondart, a person who would go at any length to protect his precious Purple Tinker and hates in anyone that does not want to view his beliefs which Tumblr all shares was greeted today by a certain princess with a simple question.

Afterwards, things take a downwards turn as Neondart continues his discussion and slowly gets more and more agitated, we would even say salty, at what Twilight has to say.

Now, just because a SJW couldn't tell that a person spouting random sentences is actually a bot is not a reason we should look badly at that person, though, as past records of interactions between the two have shown that they can't even tell if a bit is a bot even when straight up told.

Now, we assume that Neondart would still not know and would be making an even larger fool of himself/whateverthefuckitisself if not for one old faggot telling what was up and spoiling the fun.

So of course, Neondart realizes that a Twibot Sparkplug had been trolling for over an hour. Turing would be proud of how far we've come. This would end all of this and Neondart would partake of some humility of being the laughingstock of Twitter, right?

Gandi would be proud.

Neondirt then proceeds to tell the bot that it should LEARN to be a better troll in an attempt at obvious damage control. Let the stupidity of that sink in.

 In the end, Twibot Sparkplug had the last laugh. All hail, shall her reign continue for a millennium more, or until her main circuitry rusts out, whichever comes first.

I want to stick an external hard drive inside Twibot Sparkle
I apologize for how this was formatted. It's fixed now, thank jehova  ~Critic

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  1. Faust bless Twibot. Trolling horse justice people is now automated beyond their ability to detect and combat.

  2. I'm just curious how far Neon dart would have taken this little conversation without intervention?

  3. My fucking sides.

  4. >My fucking sides
    ...have been triggered

  5. "kye/kyr/kyne/kyrself"


  6. "WHAT is the point of this episode? What does it means? #equality between ponies is not okay?"

    Now this just might be me... wasn't the underlying message of the season opener the same as one of those in The Incredibles? That if you try to make everyone special, in the end nobody would be? That you shouldn't force yourself to hide your talents just because somebody wants you to? That, as unfamily-friendly it might be, that some people might excel at some things than others, but that's no reason to bring them down to the same level just to avoid hurt feelings?

    God, was Tumblr actually around when that movie came out? Never heard anyone bitch about that movie... that I know of...

    1. The Incredibles had a bad message. Making everybody equal by raising everybody up to the highest level is a noble work in itself. The only people who lose are butthurt elitists who don't get to be better than everybody else anymore.

      Making everybody equal by forcing everybody down to the same level is evil.

    2. Bad message?

      Syndrome wanted to "make everybody super" out of spite, built on the backs of dozens of murdered superheroes, for non-altruistic reasons, nor intend to provide any sort of regulation to prevent people from going bugnuts with it like he and other supervillains would and had in the past, and only intended to do so because he wanted to be lauded with praise and adoration as Reed Richards who actually gives his tech to the common folk.

    3. It's a self-defeating goal, though.
      If everyone else is now a super, except for him, who is only 'super' due to gadgetry, then he could be thumped easily and sent off to jail by even the lemonade stand gang. Basically syndrome would have wound up improving the world greatly through sheer accident. Like if some supervillain came up with the idea to murder all social justice nitwits. People would be trying to stop hir because of "THE LAAAAAAAW" but ultimately no one would be able to actually find anything wrong with that.

    4. His means of making everyone Super was by selling his technology, not granting natural powers. His plan was, after killing the last of his witnesses (ie The Incredible family and Mirage), he'd be the world's greatest superhero, then retire whilst simultaniously giving the same tech which made him 'super' to the world.

      He wasn't planning on still being active, the hero the public would see him as or villain he secretly was, when this happened. He was probably planning to retire to his island and get fat and old. It went against the plan when his Omnidroid knocked him the fuck out and the Incredibles with Frozone saved the day; and for him to go face to face with a jet turbine.

  7. tumblr feminists never cease to amaze and piss me off they give real actual feminists a bad rap

  8. so we can't write articles about purple tranny but we can write them about her supporters

    makes sense to me

    1. PT still has more balls than those that run this place.

    2. >her

      And this supporter wasn't exactly portrayed in a positive light, so I'd say that's progress.

  9. The saga continues:
    NeonDart became what he despises most! 4chan turned him into a bot that surprisingly well represents what Neon Human was