Obama, Schinzo Talk New Glorious Nippon Empire; Transfer of Pony Shoujo Assets

"Konichiwa," muttered the smug President as he de-robed his Kimono and sheathed his long, shiny tenthousand-fold Katana after bowing to a horde of pastey white, overweight "Japanese Enthusiasts."

Obama and the Prime Minister of Japan discussed today the future of both countries and their partnership in Americas imperial conquest of mainland Asia, and what resources Japan requires to fulfill its duties to the American Overlords.

Their plans include bolstering Japan's military capabilities, removing pacifist regulations that prevent imperial expansion, and the transfer of moral support to the future imperial rulers of Asia. The guidelines for the agreement were announced today along with the official christening of the "New Glorious Nippon Empire" at the White House conference.

Citing America's sensitivity to Japanese culture and customs, Obama gifted to the Emperor of Japan a hard drive loaded with American culture that he believe the Japanese will enjoy.
"It is my duty to offer our most beloved friend Japan moral support. I believe that My Little Pony, my favorite American anime, will suit them well in their future conquest of Asia."
Emperor Schinzo smirked and pluged the drive into his laptop as Obama went on a 30 minute tangent about black people.

It is rumored that the drive is loaded with over 3 terabytes of "anime culture" and episodes of the show.

"And so I tell that Mabus punk, 'Why cant we call it the USS Fluttershy? Bush was a joke!"

In another sign of good faith towards a fruitful empire, Obama seceded Okinawa to Japan as its it first imperial annexation. Along with the ex-America military base, Obama gifted Japan a new aircraft carrier and free F-35 stealth fighter in the near future. He hopes they will be used against China.

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  1. C'mon now...I may be Horse Worshiper, but even I know that King of the Hill is the best American anime.

    1. But King of the Hill isn't the one about a black kid living in the White House. Your opinion is wrong, bruh.

    2. Ok Obama,where's my RICAS Futanaris


  2. A wild contender appears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMHANUJD5NQ

  3. Traitors, all of you. I guess you all sold your soul to dirty tojos and forgotten about Pearl Harbor