More Episode Titles confirmed...all of season 5?

Yesterday we had some more Episode Titles come through for future episodes.
Episode 7 is "Make New Friends but Keep Discord" - That's the Smooze Episode
Episode 8 is "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - One that we've already begun speculating will at least reference Gilda in some way, as it stars Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie (the same duo as Brushoff).

The real point of intrigue however, is another potential leaked list of episode titles that popped up on 4chan.
The list includes names for every episode for the rest of the season.
The supposed poster of this list, correctly identified the name of the Smooze episode over 2 weeks ago, so this could very well be legitimate. It also could be another Ruse Cruise.
We will see soon enough.
The list and screencaps is below

Here's the cap of the anonymous leaker ID'ing the recently confirmed episodes. Below is the supposed full-season episode list.

Many of these names seem like rehashings of older episode titles. So that's a red flag.

MLP 507 – Make New Friends But Keep Discord

After finding out that Fluttershy is taking a new friend to the Grand Galloping Gala instead of him, Discord goes to extreme lengths to show that it doesn’t bother him.
Air Date: May 16th 2015

MLP 508 – The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie pie are called by the map to the ancient kingdom of Griffonstone but have conflicting ideas as to what problem they have been called to fix.
Air Date: May 23rd 2015

Proposed Episodes:
1.2.The Cutie Map Part 1 and 2
3.Castle Sweet Castle
4.Bloom and Gloom
5.Tanks for the Memories
6.Appleloosa’s Most Wanted
7.Make New Friends and Keep Discord
8.The Lost Treasures of Griffonstone
9.Slice of Life
10.Princess Spike
11.Party Pooped
12.Amending Fences
13.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
14.Canterlot Boutique
16.Rarity Investigates
17.Made in Manehattan
18.Brotherhooves Social
19.Crusaders of the Lost Mark
20.The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
22.What About Discord?
23.The Hooffields and Mccolts
24.The Mane Attraction
25.26.The Cutie Remark Part 1 and 2

Comments (6)

  1. "10 Princess Spike"
    "15 Scare-Master"
    "18 Brotherhooves Social"

    Sound an awful like bad fanfic titles.

  2. Let's hope that the season finale that it's the end of the princess era and it's need to stop right now.

    1. >inb4 Princess Lily and Princess Sterling

  3. Saved for wait n' see.

  4. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that Princess Spike could be a a legit title if it were a body swap episode, but Brotherhooves Social? Not gonna happen, sorry.

    6/10, barely shy of passing. Just some rusemaster who probably works for TV Guide or the like that had advanced access to the EP 7 title and used it to create credibility for his fake wishlist.

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