Interview: Cathy Weseluck!

Looks like someone have succeeded where we have failed, and manage to snag a interview with Cathy Weseluck.

Interview after the break!


My name is DarkPhoenix. Recently, I was able to sit down with the fantastic Cathy Weseluck, voice of Spike, Mayor Mare, Coco Pommel, and many other characters to mention on not only MLP, but also numerous other shows and franchises.

We spoke about her work in anime, as well as on My Little Pony, and also got to know the woman behind the voices a little more.

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    1. She's a very good voice of Spike, I like got little guy and future husband of Twilight Sparkle.

    2. give me more hot comments!

  2. Shouldn't have quit that job as CBC producer

  3. A Chelis article that isn't regurgitated shit or a hateboner over drama no one here cares about because they're not Tumblrinas like Chelis? I can't believe it! Maybe I was wrong about -

    >link to someone else's interview


  4. Is there a place to get the bullet points of interesting trivia/facts from the interview? The person giving the interview has like zero Charisma, so the whole thing is permeated with this awkward aura that makes me cringe and I can't bring myself to listen to the whole thing.