EFNW announces cover contest and Bonnie Zacherle - Creator of My Little Pony

Everfree Northwest has news. 2 pieces of news to be more exact. They've announced a guest and a contest.
Read about them below

The Everfree Northwest 2015 Conbook Cover Contest is still going on, and we want you, the amazingly talented artists of the MLP fan community, to enter! The contest ends on April 24th.

To sweeten the deal, we're adding an additional prize, a $100 Amazon gift card, for our Grand Prize winner! That's right, a $100 Amazon gift card! This is in addition to all the other prizes you could win.

What are these other prizes? For our Grand Prize winner you will have your art featured on the front cover of the EFNW 2015 conbook, to be viewed by thousands of MLP fans! For our Grand Prize winner and our 2nd and 3rd place winners, your design will be sold as a print at the EFNW con store, where you will receive 50% of profits generated, and a complimentary EFNW standard three-day pass for you or a friend. Our 2nd and 3rd place winners and our honorable mentions will be featured within the conbook.

Remember, you don't have to be living in North America or even planning on attending Everfree Northwest 2015 in order to join in the fun! International artist and those not coming to EFNW are welcome and encouraged to enter the contest.

For all the contest details and rules, please visit our Conbook Cover Contest page at everfreenw.com/events/art-contest. Email our Design team at design@everfreenw.com if you have any questions.

You can find the conbook cover template at everfreenw.com/media/CoverContest-Template.pdf and view the full contest rules ateverfreenw.com/events/art-contest/rules

Bonnie Zacherle, Creator of the MLP Toy Line, Coming to Everfree Northwest!

Before Lauren Faust and the DHX team, there was Bonnie Zacherle, the original creator of the My Little Pony toy line. And we have the great privilege of announcing Ms. Zacherle's attendance as a Special Guest at Everfree Northwest 2015! That's right, the woman whose toys first inspired Lauren Faust and who laid the groundwork for all future generations of the My Little Pony franchise will be joining us in Seattle!

Bonnie Zacherle joined Hasbro in 1980. While working as an Illustrator in Hasbro’s Research and Design department, Ms. Zacherle called upon her fond childhood memories of Horses and horse riding to create My Little Pony and My Pretty Pony (the precursor to the My Little Pony line). In addition to My Little Pony, Ms. Zacherle worked on the redesigned Mr. Potato Head while at Hasbro. Shortly before My Little Pony hit the market, Ms. Zacherle left Hasbro to work for Parker Brothers where she created the Nerfuls toy line. Later, she opened a studio focusing on freelance work, design and consultation services with her friend and former Hasbro colleague, Liz Knight in a renovated barn in Massachusetts. Ms. Zacherle currently lives in Warrenton, Virginia and teaches art to children.

So whether you're a fan of the original series of toys/cartoons or a fan of the newest generation, don't miss out on the opportunity to see the woman who began it all in person at Everfree Northwest, May 29-31!

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  1. Oh God.... Bonnie Zacherle. I thought that tumblr post (not horse news) was a joke lol. You bronies will just scare this old woman away from her very creation. I don't understand exactly WHY she'd grace you lot with her presence in the first place. When you bronies meet her, be on your best fucking behavior. Don't be gross, don't ask any sexual or tryhard questions, and for the love of god don't say shit like "Lauren did it better" or something equally rude.

    1. We all know lauren did better m8, go back to tumblr, your echo chamber needs you!

    2. Hi Mike Dawson, still being an insufferable little twat, aren't we?

    3. >being this mad

      Bonnie created MLP, she probably faps to ponies more than any one of us. She'll fit right in.

    4. Just for you I am going to offer her the D. After I finish a massive load inside the old broad, I am going to remind her that lauren did it better and that all the porn of her ponies is just as bad as she just was in bed.

    5. hey dudes have you seen this guy?


      he likes to pick up some fights by criticize everything japanese related

      i would like that you make a review about him please next time

  2. You realize she HAS been to brony conventions before this...right?