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Posted by MLP - RedEyes Eclipse on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Hiatus. 

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  1. Already did.

    Just beware when she cums things will get really messey, so watch out for the signs of her orgasm (grunting, licking lips or the famous 'squeeze').

  2. So this is mostly meant to be funny but it's also kinda making fun of "bronies", as in the problematic ones. The adults who ironically miss the entire message of the show to be kind to people and chase little girls out of the movie theater when they want to see Equestria Girls because they can't "understand it". Why they feel so entitled over a little kids show is beyond me.
    I actually enjoy the show and I think it's fantastic that it can cater to it's target audience while still entertaining other age groups and genders, but "bronies" are ridiculous.
    The guy at the very beginning of the video is a friend of mine and he actually wears that jacket and beanie every day he loves the show so much but he refuses to call himself a brony because that term has been so muddled down.
    So to clarify: If you enjoy the show that's cool, I enjoy the show myself, as long as you don't act like some elitist and disrespect other people and try to claim the target audience is actually you and not for little girls then you're 100% fine regardless of age, gender, or whatever else. I don't eve care if you clop as long as you've got that tagged as adult content, that's totally you business. This is a cute show and the community should be trying to teach the same messages as the show.
    I realize that not all fans are like this, and that this has all been said before, but I think it's important to remember and that it's important for me to include this because I don't want to make any innocent fans upset. You can call yourself a brony and still be just a fan whose done nothing wrong, just the name comes with negative connotations it earned from some "adults" who were scum to begin with before they attached themselves to a show made for children. I also realize every fandom has it's ups and down, but because the down are so down, and because the target audience is children, therefore putting them at risk, it's a bigger issue than other problematic fans in shows made for teenagers or adults.

    EDIT: Adding this response I made to someone for extra clarifitaction-
    The messages of the video and description do conflict but part of the point of the description was to say that the initial message you would get from the video isn't my issue, as in my problem with "bronies" isn't cloppers and I don't mean to offend cloppers.
    The "bronies" I'm talking about may not be the majority of the fans, which I'm totally aware of, but the issue is still there. It's not even adults trying to chase kids out of the fandom that's really the issue, it's just them posing a threat to the kids in general.
    Rare as it my be, that's the only problem with the fans I have, and I have absolutely no issue with other fans, and I wanted to clarify that I didn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt by thinking I set out to insult them when I didn't.

    Also you can really see how I feel about Rainbow Dash from this.

    1. Holy shit the autism in one post

      you and your kids need to go the fuck away


    3. I'd hate to get in the way of your enthusiasm, I'm all for calling faggotry out, but this is just a copy-paste of the description of the original video.

      Which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02p7D9H6_TA

    4. Get off your high horse

    5. Holy shit you autists that's the fucking video description my god

    6. If that's the actual vid description then the autism claims still stand.

      People like that care too fucking much about bronies and do nothing but cry and bitch about them on shitholes like tumblr.

    7. Keep tipping that fedora op, don't forget to fill up on your daily spaghetti-Os

    8. OMG! All those letters! So many letters... Why so many?
      And how the fuck do you make an edit to anon post?

  3. Liked the original better.

    Let's be frank here: bronies can be immensely autistic, but like trekkies and weeaboos they're just another fringe bunch of con-going otaku-class nerds who are mostly into bentai; the only differences between them and us are how, where, why and when we express it. This incessant harping on about the "bad bronies" one side of the same coin: the other side being the brony that matches OP's elitist description. They're both just as irritating as each other, the latter being because this shit is obvious, and pointing it out in 2015 is both self-serving and counterintuitive. Both are arguably elitist fringes of an already fringe group, and neither are worth attention other than being laughed at. Lead by example or go back to pontificating on Tumblr.

    "Don't mean to offend cloppers." Yeah, glass houses, right pal?

  4. >tfw your adblocker completely hides the content of the article
    Why so botnet, Liki?

  5. Crazy Ivan kept singing this at the last Grand Brony Gala in Tampa.

    With this animation, something tells me he'll be singing it some more.

  6. Why would you steal views with facebook? Post the original horse news, this is disappointing.