The Ultimate Fanfiction Writing tool is here

Have you ever wanted to be a fiction writer? Of course you have.
Have you also ever wanted to be a massive tool who writes his fiction on an iMac at your local Starbucks? Again, the answer is obvious. But you haven't because you know you don't know what to write, but still yearn to be seen in public, typing away with purpose. 

Well despair no longer, as the future has arrived. Now, not only can you write a novel down at the Starbucks, but you can also terrify the living hell out of anyone who can see your screen - with the help of GeekTyper!

GeekTyper (from is a site that allows you to write fanfiction, one character at a time. 
I know what you're thinking; "That's just the same as anything!" and that is where YOU are wrong and need to shut up for a minute. GeekTyper creates fanfiction one character at a time, regardless what keys you hit.

Go ahead. Flurry away angrily at your computer keys on this site. No matter what you hit, pure, coherent pony bliss comes out on the other side.

This revolutionary process will allow users to have all the attention of an average coffee-shop-Hemingway, while freeing up an "author's" brain to think about all his crippling insecurities and crushing unpaid student loans, and simultaneously scarring anyone who dares read over their shoulder.

From the single settings menu on the site, you can pick between 5 pre-written stories, including My Little Dashie.

Go forth and accomplish nothing, you sub-hacks you!

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