Pinkie Pie caught doing "unthinkable" - suspended following "Bathroom Incident"

This was the scene left in the Canterlot High girls lavatory, following an incident involving a student; one "Pinkie Pie" of the Senior Class. School officials say they were alerted to strange sounds coming from the Handicap stall by a Freshman.

Vice Principal Luna suspected the student of inappropriate activities, and demanded she open the stall door. The student responded "Don't come in, I'm popping!"

The Vice Principle asked if she meant "pooping", but received no response but giggling.

Ultimately the administrator opted to enter by force, and broke open the door. What she found, she described as "inexplicable".

She was met with a shower of confetti and ribbons that coated every inch of the stall.

"I told you I was popping!" the student reminded. Pinkie Pie was then told to dress and was sent home on suspension for the rest of the week.

It is unclear where the confetti came from, as administrators decline to comment on the exact circumstances of the incident.

At press time Vice Principal Luna was still cleaning confetti off of her face.

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