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Horse News is happy to announce a new feature to the site. Down below to the right, among all of the other shit no one pays attention too, you can find a widget containing a comic created by staff here at horse news. The comics will be updated everyday whenever the editors feel like it, and they will feature strips from various authors about various subjects. Safe for work is not guaranteed; caution is advised.

These comics will aim to provide a fun and entertaining way for staff to comment on current events and drama while still being up to date and relevant, and readers can enjoy a 'smart' comical way to look at whats buzzing around the fandom. They will also give readers a unique insight to the Horse News Network studios and to the viewpoints of our top staff.

Content will be generated easily as the editors don't have to wait a week for some thirteen year old to finish a report on ponies only to scrap the whole thing in the end anyway, and we can make a dozen of them in five minutes, prolonging the shelf life of cappers articles and the site by at least a whole month, if not more.

So click on the image above or below in the side bar, and follow the link to the comics page. Be sure share, like, and subscribe, and check in everyday for more pageviews content!

Comments (10)

  1. >go to comics page
    >no images, only blank image elements
    >click elements
    >404 not found
    Well meme'd my friends.

  2. this is actually really good

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