Brony Wedding Proposal goes terribly wrong

It was the most embarrassing moment of one Pony Fan's life, when his wedding proposal went terribly wrong. Reported in The Mary Sue last night, one man asked someone to be his waifu, using an OC commission at Emerald City Comic Con. To everyone's shock and embarrassment, she said yes, before the groom-to-be could even realize that she doesn't have hooves.

The man, identified as "Nicolaj" was completely unaware that his girlfriend Christina, was not, in fact a pony. By the time he found out, it was already too late.

"I can't believe I never noticed," Nicolaj said, burying his face in his hands in shame. "I should have seen the signs."

When asked how he didn't notice that the love of his life, was not an equine, but was in fact a cute 3DPD human girl, he said he thought it was just an impressive cosplay she was trying out.

"The worst part of it, is how happy she makes me!" Nicolaj sobbed. "Now I have to spend the rest of my life with her, waking up to her smile, and knowing deep down that she's not a cartoon horse."

"I can't believe how big of a non-loser he is." Said one of Nicolaj's friends. "Look at him, having his life in order. It's disgusting."

Sources indicate that the couple will remain happily engaged, despite the deception.

At press time, Christina has just been informed that Nicolaj is also neither a stallion, nor an anime hero.

Comments (11)

  1. That was actually kind of sweet.

  2. What the hell man are you smoking??? She has >no hooves. XD

  3. I kinda thought this was going in another direction. Glad it didn't.

    Still, >3d

  4. is horse news gonna start pieces on fandom romance, even this? Is there no low you won't sink too

  5. >HN sets up for a story that could be the cringe of all cringe
    >the real thing was successful, article is just fucking around

    I am both pleasantly surprised and immensely disappointed.

  6. I'm surprised the Mary Sue gave positive coverage to this story. They seem like they would be the kinda site that would keep rehashing all of the false assertions that Tumblr likes to spread. I thought their headline would be more like this: "Disgusting, gross, neckbeard successfully enforces his patriarchal and toxic agenda on young girl, feminist outraged."

  7. The Mary Sue thinks that transgender people don't have to out themselves before sleeping with someone, and that outing someone as revenge for doing so is wrong.

    Look at the "8 bit jerk" tweet and the context they presented it in. This site is absolutely disgusting.


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