British Brony plans Big Boozed-up Blowout - you're invited

Earlier today we were contacted by a bloke from across the pond who's about to be forced away from the community for quite sometime, as he heads off to join the Royal Marine Commandos.
You're probably thinking: So what?

Well as it just so happens, this particular commando is planning a boozed-up blowout to end all blowouts, and he wants you to join him. As we at Horse News strongly support alcoholics, AND Anonymous (but NOT alcoholics anonymous), we're here to spread the word, and hope our British readers will be able to make it out for a pint with the guy.

All the whens and wheres are below.

 I am Pominator, the chief of security for BUCK, Yorkshire event manager for the brony community and very soon, selecting for Her Majesties Royal Marine Commando services.

As I have been inactive in the brony community for quite some time, having barely had enough opportunity to check twitter, FimFic, r/clopclop and of course, horse news, my identity and presence as the organiser for the best brony piss up events in the UK and beyond, has likely waned.

However, with selection looming, and my temporary freedom from barracks a brief gift that shall no doubt be swallowed as quickly as it came, I wish to humbly request the attention and attendance of any brony, anywhere who can make it to Leeds on Saturday March 28th.
This will very likely be the last time a major event happens for me before BUCK next year, and it is one I want to share with every member of this fantastic community, one that saw me rise from an embittered street thug with no direction, to running the security team for the best Brony convention ever, to the chance to live in the service of the most elite fighting force in the modern world.

The event runs from 10:00 AM, meeting at Leeds train station, from where we shall travel to the first bar on our run at 1230, when everyone who will arrive has arrived, and we have all eaten our fill at a local kitchen.
By 2230 we shall be hitting the final pubs on the run, where we are guarunteed My little pony cocktails as designed by renard
Finally, for those in the mood to dance and party, we have the floor at fab cafe leeds, a dedicated nerd bar, with star trek/wars, doctor who and alien vs predator stuff everywhere, which will be incredibly cheap, as this is their last week before they shut down to move to a new venue.

Accommodation is close by for those who require it, otherwise I have various venues for those who party really hard to continue into the next day!

I hope to see as many people there as possible, and ask that anyone interested contact me by any of the following methods

Mobile: 07980846919 (text by preference)
Facebook: Benjamin Michael Brammah

Event page from our barracks, add self if you want, not necessary:

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    1. “This comment has been removed by author”

      Horsenews got serious what!!!!?

      Holy shit.
      > packs bags
      >goes in search for freedom

    2. "The Author" being Tom Pitts, not me
      he deleted his own comment

    3. Well I just clicked on his name, and it seems he's really called "Lewis Baxter", so WTF's going on there?

  2. "Her Majesties" should be "Her Majesty's". But that's not Capper's fault, it's Pominator's.

  3. Why did this have to happen after I left Yorkshire?

  4. I really wish he'd get a better picture of that pony already.. Drew that fucking years ago now.

    1. Still like the pic dude, it remains appropriate to my personality and antics

  5. 1000 Royal Marines vs. 1000 US Marines who'll win? [/b]