We're back baby - Season 5 Speculatron activate

We've had a few hours to digest the new Season 5 trailer. Naturally, the equality town screen has been turned into an image macro, so we'll have some of those below. Many fans have been trying to figure out who the mystery mare is. An unlikely first thought is that she's Aria, as their color palettes are nearly identical. But there's a more likely connection that comes from Toy Fair...

Now we're talking. Maybe we will learn more this weekend with the Hasbro announcement from Toy Fair 2015. 

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  1. Right, this is how Season 5 will play out.

    The Mane 6 go to Equality town, which is basically Ayn Rand's Anthem, if it were a town.

    When they get there, they find out that all the doctors and all the lawyers and all the business executives are all the same, which logically means that they live in little boxes made of ticky-tacky, and that they are all growing Weeds in their basement.

    Since Weeds aired on Showtime, the same network that put out Dexter, we can assume that at least one of the townsponies is a serial killer.

    He get's discovered, and this sparks a rebellion, as it turns out that Equality Town is run by Sith Lords, which makes sense, 'cause we all know that "equality" is an anagram for "aliqutey".

    This sparks a rebellion which Twilight swiftly puts down, but in order to keep it down, all the little fillies must be forced to have a battle to the death every year.

    This of course sparks a second rebellion which can only be stopped by blowing up the Death Star and retrieving the Elements of Harmony back from whence they came.

    Death Star rhymes with Meth Star, meth is a drug, drugs are bad, the Illuminati is bad, MLP Season 5 confirmed for Illuminati undertones.

  2. "Whut do yew suppose th' equality marks are, Twi?"
    >Applejack shifted uneasily, as the silence that followed her question was cold and biting, as the beautiful alicorn pondered, her eyes darting from the mysterious town, and ominously (?) to the 5 other ponies as they huddled behind the boulder. The discomfort was palpable, as each of the mane six was resorting to nervous tics.
    >Rarity was preening her hair a little too indiscreetly.
    >Dash was pacing back and forth (or the equivalent for a pegasus).
    >Fluttershy had curled herself into a little ball, glancing around wildly as her shivers mirrored the heartbeats of all of them.
    >Pinkie Pie was hopping up and down rapidly, like a crack addict waiting for a promised fix of sweet, sweet horse.
    >Twilight's word shattered the moody quiet.
    "I think it all has to do with repression."
    >Rarity blinked.
    "Dahling, whatever do you mean?"
    >Nopony said anything, and the terror in their minds rattled like dice in the hand of a nervous gambler, putting every bit he owned on red.
    "… Sexual repression."
    >An awkward pause was interrupted by Pinkie's startling giggle.
    "OH! So you mean that these ponies aren't getting any! It's all so obvious now!"
    >And before any of them could respond, Pinkie's lips were wrapped around Twilight's vulva.
    >Twilight let out a gasp, and then a moan, as glistening liquids gushed from her now inviting gash.
    "Pinkie! Whut in tarnation are yew doin-"
    >Applejack's question was cut off by the sensation of Rarity's horn suddenly gliding in and out of her raw pussy.
    >Slowly at first, but quickening with the pace of an unseen metronome, the horn shot deep inside her, sending tingling eruptions of unbridled pleasure through AJ's spine!
    "Wh-wh-whut's gotten into you- no, don't slow down! Rarity?!"
    "Well isn't it obvious? We cawn't let ourselves get trapped by the mysterious power that's entrapped those… Equalizers!"
    >Dash, who was lifting up Fluttershy's timid and unsure flank up by her tail, threw a curious expression at Rarity.
    "I've spent the last 30 minutes coming up with that-"
    "Heh heh… cumming…"
    "Well, what would you call them, Dear?"
    >Dash shrugged, as she dragged her sloppily wet tongue across Fluttershy's labia, snuggling into her clit.
    >Twilight was aghast!
    "This- uhhhhhh… isn't what I meant-"
    >But her words were cut short by Pinkie, who had managed to push her entire left hoof into Twilight's gooey vag.

    1. ... go on...

    2. I would've, but honestly, whatever happens next in your imagination is probably more satisfying.
      … That, and I was running out of unique synonyms for "vagina," without resorting to "twat," "cunt," and "sugary bowl of wonder."

    3. it's a leaked season 5 script ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. The nEXT QUESTIOn is... what does Spike do in these episodes? They aren't going to include him just to have him stay at home, are they?


    And do we have a larger screenshot of the parade? I can't tell if she's an alicorn or not AT THIS POINT in the story.

    Also, what is the likelihood that, if this is the opening premier for the season, that this will be the extent of the 'epic quest', barring one or two episodes at the end or near it - which is in direct contradiction to what they were implying with the trailers - and episode 3 returns straight back to slice of life?

    1. >Also, what is the likelihood that, if this is the opening premier for the season, that this will be the extent of the 'epic quest', barring one or two episodes at the end or near it - which is in direct contradiction to what they were implying with the trailers - and episode 3 returns straight back to slice of life?

      I can absolutely 100% gaurantee you that that is exactly the case. Though I don't know why you're phrasing it like that's a bad thing considering how many people bitch about the adventure episodes.

  5. Is that a spear of longinus? Shits gonna get crazy.

  6. The vector at the toy fair has nothing to do with the new character.

  7. How did you figure that?

  8. It's an 24 min ad for ihorse, an app for iphone 6. It's season 5, 1 away from season 6. 1+5=6
    half-life 3 confirmed.

  9. Yes Jordan I was trying to reply to you but it won't let me because older browser. So yes, how did you figure that?

    1. Staff said so on twitter. I forget which staff member, but you can go to EqD and look for the relevant news post if you care.

    2. Oh yes, that old chestnut. He could be lying because of an NDA, but then that was only about two weeks ago. There would be no point, unless it was to keep the hype stored up for the trailer release yesterday, but that's very very unlikely because of it would be weird. So no point

      But remember... EDaily got a hint from a staff member saying twilight would not become an alicorn TWO WEEKS before the season 3 finale and it was retracted in the space of about a day and removed.

      That was not an official response from a staff member though. This was. The signs point to him telling the truth.

      Why was there a two week gap in season 3 at the end anyway?