Pony still a factor on King of the Nerds

We were really down to watch some pony fan shoot for victory in King Of The Nerds this season. And we did, for 2 whole episodes before he was voted off. Then we pretty much stopped giving a shit, because staying in to watch KOTN on Friday Nights impedes our standard alcoholic consumption regiments.

Well apparently pony is still a factor on the show, as it was blowing up the twitters with one moment in an episode we've yet to watch. Luckily Spazz and MA Larson did.

There you go. Also this took place on twitter as well.

According to /tv/ (one of the few places that watches the show religiously) there was some brony trash talking taking place as well, which is sure to alienate some of the few remaining horse fans, but we will have to wait and see.

While we're talking about Twitter...

Spike confirmed for Twilight's Property.

Comments (6)

  1. "Spike confirmed for Twilight's Property."

    You mean this was ever in contention?

    1. I suppose now it's officially canon. Run with it!

    2. With Twilight as responsible as she is, does this mean it's cannon that Spike has no balls?

    3. Spike is his slave name...

    4. I don't think reptilians have balls at all. He may have two dicks though, if he's more lizard than crocodile.

  2. I love pinkies expression. Like I should stop staring...right after this third cupcake.