SeaBronies First Meeting planning results

Holla, we have some people in the SeaBronies first meeting call, and we're totally allowed to report the voting results as they occur! I'll be updating this every few minutes. Voting is done for today. We are going to be the Streamin' Seamen for this!


SeaBronies will have a cruise in the Bahamas departing December 14th from Miami visiting Freeport, a Private Island, and Nassau, with the cruise line Norwegian for $179.

A vote afterwards has confirmed this cruise; there will be no revote for this cruise.

A second vote will occur for the second cruise next Saturday, March 7th, at 7PM EST via WebEx. The second cruise will definitely depart from the West or Gulf Coast, but may occur this Summer, Fall, or December. If you are unable to make it to the first voted cruise but would like to join a SeaBronies cruise, it is recommended you join this next planning/voting meeting to influence a cruise you are able to attend.

Click after the break for the full voting breakdown as it occurs:

Question 1: Destination Region

     Bahamas: 10 votes
     Mexico: 8 votes
     Other: 1 votes

Question 2: Season of Departure

     Summer (June - August): 6 votes
     Fall (September - October - November): 2 votes
     December: 11 votes

Question 3: Departing Port 

     Charleston, SC: 1 vote
     Jacksonville, FL: 0 votes
     Miami, FL: 12 votes
     Port Canaveral, FL: 3 votes

Question 4: 3-night or 4-night cruise? (Voting Now)

     3 night: 2 night
     4 night: 15 votes
     5 nights at freddies: gtfo

Question 5: Which of the three remaining cruises to go for:

     Departs December 7th or 14th
     Goes to Nassau, Freeport, and a Private Island
     Has Internet Access

     13 Votes

     Departs December 14th
     Goes to Nassau and a Private Island

     0 Votes

     Departs December 7th , 24th, or 31st
     Goes to Nassau, Key West, and a Private Island

     5 Votes

     Question 4B: Date

     December 7th: 5 Votes
     December 14th: 9 Votes

MAJOR QUESTION: Revote the entire East-Coast cruise?

   Yes: 0
   No: 18

Tyrannical Action: PurpleTinker has rejected a motion to vote to postpone the vote to postpone the opposite-coast cruise vote.

MAJOR QUESTION II: Postpone the vote for the second cruise plans?

    Yes: 10
    No: 7

     (Random: SeaBronies promises that if no internet access is available, SeaBronies will be providing daily-updated mirrors of Equestria Daily and Horse News for attendees to read.)

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