Flash Sentry and Sonata Dusk go BC

Well, it's about bloody time. We have a press release from the nation to the North (well technically South for the Detroiters), for the upcoming BronyCAN 2015 convention. Seems that they've snagged the voice of...most of the male characters, as well as the voice of 2 of the best waifus on the market.

Read the press release below.

Now that we’ve opened up registration for BronyCAN 2015, we’re even more pleased to have the first of many show guest announcements for this year! Please welcome Vincent Tong and Maryke Hendrikse to BronyCAN 2015, both of whom are long-time actors with a wide variety of voice over and live-action roles to their credits. They will both be attending for the full weekend to greet fans of the show and their other acting work. Vincent Tong is best known for providing the voice of Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls, along with Donut Joe, Prince Blueblood, and Garble the Dragon in FiM, while Maryke Hendrikse voiced Gilda the Griffon in FiM and Sonata Dusk in Equestria Girls.

Our early-bird pricing for weekend passes will continue until Feb. 15th, so get your passes now before prices go up! Our hotel rooms are also expected to sell out this year, with special rates, free wi-fi and parking being part of the special offer for attendees coming to enjoy BronyCAN 2015. You can get your passes, rooms, and even find vendor/musician/panel applications at https://bronycan.ca/.

Illustration: Kristie 'Rabbitasaur' Bush

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  1. Vincent Tong is a genuinely hunky slab of meat.

    I'd bat for the other team if he so as glanced at me; arching ropes of jizz flying across the room, forming a delicate, dewy, and disgusting spiderweb of man-sauce, trapping handsome Vinny like a caged animal pawing against the hideous leavings of a confused young man, not wanting to touch the substance, yet weighing the desire to flee against the wilding inconvenience of making shoe-to-goo contact, and accidentally flailing to the ground.
    In that confusion, I will build a literal bridge out of red and pink rose petals, at great personal financial expense, hoping against hope that sweet, sensuous Vincent-Sempai will make me HIS waifu, for one night at least, that would end in champagne and friendly-magic.

    1. >Vincent awoke with a start.
      >As he struggled to sit up, a restraint pressed against his bruised ribs.
      >It wasn't anything too major, and in the gloomy, foreboding darkness, it felt like a make-shift rope made up of bungee cables from a gas station.
      >He gingerly removed them, as his chest still hurt.
      >And then he felt something against his sternum.
      >A gigantic, horrible gash, held together with gauze and crudely-sewn stitches!
      "Ah! You're awake! Let me turn on the light for you, Mr. Tong!"
      >The room was suddenly filled with a blinding swoosh of painfully bright light.
      >As Vincent's eyes adjusted to the sudden flood fill of light, he noticed that the room was filled with mangled and destroyed My Little Pony Toys.
      >And that he was covered in dry, crusty blood.
      "Ah! Please don't scream, Mr. Tong!" the voice cried out imploringly.
      >Against his better judgement, Vincent didn't peep even an aspirated gasp of terror.
      >Standing in front of him now, was a large brony.
      >Standard stereotype: overweight, poor facial hair distribution, awful fashion covered in snack-stains and cheeto dust, wallet chain, trilby hat, and a silk Goku shirt, ironically featuring Goku riding a wolf, racing against a poorly rendered Rainbow Dash patch that must have been covering up a flying Piccolo.
      "What do you…" Vincent began.
      "I want you, Mr. Tong."
      >Vincent must have started at the nerd for minutes, when the silence was broken like a beer bottle to the head at a redneck bar.
      "For you see, Mr. Tong…"
      >The brony started to undo his shirt.
      "Last Christmas…"
      >and then slowly and what he must've thought was seductively, peeled up his greasy, oily wife-beater undershirt, caked with filth.
      "I gave you my heart…"
      >And where the brony's heart should've been, was replaced by tubes pushing gallons of blood through a machine strapped to his back!
      >Vincent looked down at his chest, and then back at the brony.
      >The brony nodded firmly, as a smile spread across Vincent's face.
      >As the two of them passionately and lovingly made the most grittiest and animalistic love possible, Vincent smiled throughout, knowing that within his chest beat the heart of his fans.

    2. >Actually wanting to see the male VA's
      I knew you all had your butter spread that side

    3. What the fuck am I reading?

    4. I came for hate against flash sentry not this. OH GOD NOT THIS

  2. Considering they're the "hometown con" I expected a lot more participation from show staffs and VAs

    1. Well, lets just say they dont have to pay much to travel :D