February Taketh - Crunchbite says his goodbyes.

To an outsider, the community of /mlp/ may seem relentlessly cold, impersonal, and unforgiving. But there in the shadows, exists a comradely, that when severed, pains just as strongly as any other. Today, a fellow horsefucker, writefag, but above-all-else anon, brought grim news.

He's dying of cancer, and does not have much time left.

The man, who identified himself as the writefag Crunchbite, confesses that he was diagnosed with terminal Leukemia some months ago, and despite his fight, he is losing. He has only weeks to live.

He returned to /mlp/ to say his goodbyes to his comrades, and does not know if he will be back.

While everyone holds out hope for a miracle, the board takes the opportunity to say goodbye to one of their own, and promises to see him on the other side.

Crunchbite provided the board with his real name - Jonathan Carver - so anons can find word of his passing when his time does come, vowing to send "the largest bouquet of flowers anyone has seen" so that people will know that he is missed.

You can find all of Crunchbite's stories here

We've transcribed his farewell below.

"Well guys, it's finally happening.
My dying days have arrived. I failed the fight and now the cancer is going to take me, and I'm so so sad.
I'm a write fag, I started writing for you guys sometime early November 2013, and I wrote mostly for dash friends, as I was a dash friend myself.
I got diagnosed with leukemia and began the fight some months ago, but now it's gotten very bad.
I've been told I have weeks to live.
I wasn't able to get near a computer or Internet for a while but I'm here now.
I'm here to tell all of you... Each and every single one of you just how much you mean to me.
I love all of you more than I can put into words.
You guys have been my friends ever since I turned up here, and you helped ignite my love for writing stories, and best of all, you let me entertain you with my stories.
I will miss you.
I'll miss writing for you guys. You have no idea how much I wanted I wrote stories while I was undergoing treatment.
Now it looks like I'll never get to do that. I'll never write again.
Never write for you again... Or be with you.
Laugh with you, post with you.
And I think that hurts more than the cancer.
So... I don't know what else to say. I'm conflicted about even posting my alias that I posts stories under because I don't want to look like an attention whore.
But I guess I'll go ahead and say it anyway;
My name was Jonathan Carver, I am not anonymous anymore. I love you, and I'll miss you when I'm gone. My writefag name was Crunchbite (pastebin.com/u/crunchbite).
You? You're anonymous. You will live. And I will live through you. You are my brothers.
I leave this world,
But I know in my heart I will be in the place where I belong, the place where I can rest and laugh and smile and not feel pain anymore.
But know this, as I roam the sunny hills of Equestria, I will miss you still.
Goodbye, /mlp/.
And... Thanks."

Thank YOU anon.
And God Speed.

Sleep well Jonathan.

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  1. To anyone who says /mlp/ and Horse News are just uncaring assholes, this should show they ARE capable of taking things seriously, and showing compassion.

    1. People are just too afraid to experience /mlp/ themselves.
      They think it's all this hatred, and yelling at each other for doing things wrong, but there are so many nice people on /mlp/ I can't even begin to mention

  2. Goodbye former Anon. We will all miss you dearly.

  3. See you later, space cowboy.


    1. >inb4 karma gives this guy leukemia

  5. >Dashfag
    Nothing lost amirite? :^)

  6. If death is imminent, I hope his passing is as free from suffering as possible

    Id suggest he try to max out his credit cards, but I guess his family would get stuck with the bill

  7. Poor guy. I never read his stuff, but it's always sad when tragedy strikes like this. I wish him all the best in whatever life comes next.

  8. >Believing anything from /mlp/

  9. Rest in peace, Jonathan Carver.