Everything we know about EQG3 so far - a lot actually

So typically we outright ignore the toys Hasbro puts out, because very rarely do they have anything to do with the future of the show. For instance, have yet to see Applejack's Truck tooling around Canterlot. This video however is different. Like, really different, in that it's basically 100% spoilers.

Let's break down what the presenter says in this Toy Fair display.

First we have the name of the rival school seen in the Investor presentation: Crystal Prep. We're also informed that The Friendship Games are a regular tradition, and that Canterlot High has never won them. So this confirms that Human World has a Crystal Empire analog, and also an Equestria Games analog as well.

SciTwi seen in the background goes to the rival school so she'll be playing against the mane six it appears, making her the antagonist in all likelihood. The games have 3 events that we know of, archery, roller skating, and motorcross. Each of these tasks is phyiscal and would require fine motor skills, like the use of balance and fingers - so Pony Twilight must logically be sitting this one out.

What they mean by "roller skating" is likely roller-derby like we've seen in other pony stuff.

She then shows us the Canterlot High playset and calls DJ-Pon3 by that name, basically canonizing it for EQG world (there was some fan-debate about whether she would have a human name instead, like DJ-Hum4n).

Then of course she had to say what everyone will continue to deny and declared that Flash Sentry is in a "blossoming romance" with Twilight Sparkle. They come in a 2-pack with each other, hold hands, and have cellphones with pictures of each other. Naturally this means they're sexting. 

The presenter then says that she doesn't want to give too much away about the end of the movie but that Twilight Sparkle becomes "Midnight Sparkle". Given that name's proximity to "Nightmare Moon" this leaves many to speculate that it's an evil transformation of some kind. 

Also this confirms the artwork we had seen earlier is legitimate and people in denial can suck it.

In June of this year Hasbro will be releasing the Equestria Girls App so that you can scan in your toys and get digital toys too. And then there will also be a "My Little Pony Celebrations" app to scan in the horse toys. 

In the background we catch a better look at this mysterious tablet which looks strikingly similar to the one we saw in the Season 5 Premier Trailer. Are they one in the same?

That's a lot of spoilers for one video. 

Now where the hell is our Premier Announcement

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  1. So liki, do you think the the mysterious tablet was thought up by the execs as a way of including the app as an advertisement, or by the production staff, who then came up with the idea of making it into an app?

  2. Anyone else notice at 4:00-4:16 there was the season 5 premier in the background?

  3. >Twilight is the villain of Equestria Girls 3

    That's... huh. That would actually be a pretty creative twist if true. We're so used to seeing Twi as the hero, I'm actually kind of excited to see a canon take on her as a villain, even if it is an alternate version of her.