Animals in Danger - the MLP Fanbook project

Today we got a message from a group called "The MLP Fanbook Project" with a different kind of activist endeavor to what we usually see. This one is aimed at endangered species of animals and conservation.
If not being a dick to the planet is your thing, you should check out the information below.

It may not be Equestria, but the world has some amazing wildlife. But it’s in trouble. Every year, thousands of endangered animals are killed for that one thing that makes them an amazing and unique creature in the animal kingdom. Elephants, tigers, sea turtles and other threatened species are being illegally harvested at alarming rates, driving these creatures to extinction. The illegal wildlife trade is a $10 Billion industry that laws, and enforcement on an international level have been unable to stem. What creates the demand for these animals? Normal, everyday people like you around the world. One organization, WildAid, has set its mission to ending the illegal wildlife trade through public awareness campaigns and comprehensive marine protection. It’s goal is to convince the people of the world that ivory jewelry, shark fin soup, and other such illegal wildlife commodities, are not worth the price being paid. These are not animals to be seen in the zoo, but in the plains, jungles and oceans of our world. It all would make a certain yellow pegasus cry and no brony wants that.

Animals of the world need help and we here at the MLP Fanbook Project, are hoping bronies can help us lend a hoof. We are creating a printed book for bronies, by bronies, and will contain within its pages art from different artists throughout the fandom! The book’s theme is "Friendship is WILD,” with My Little Pony art themed around the wild and endangered animals of our world. Once printed, the book will go on sale and 100% of the profits made off each book will go directly to WildAid.

But we need the fandom’s amazing artists to help by contributing their talent and art! If you're an artist please send an email to with some examples of your work or if you’d like more information. The more people, the better. Any artist involved will retain all rights to their work and can use their art for whatever they like after the book is released. If you aren't an artist you can still help by sharing this project with others.
We look forward to hearing from everyone interested and remember, only people can undo the harm other people have created!

Comments (10)

  1. Why did they make Twilight black?

    1. Euuuggghhh...

      Geez bro, too soon.

  2. Rarity can be a rhino -- I'd still fuck her.

  3. Aw, that's actually sort of a nice project. I hope it goes well.

    I might even contribute if I can get my art skills up to scratch, fuck.

  4. Fluttershit will cry? Do you promise?

  5. That's actually a pretty cool cause. Hope you guys get the artists you need.

  6. I wish I could draw something other than dicks so I could help out!

  7. Did they get permission from Hasbro to sell and print these books? I'd like to contribute, but I don't want to get involved in anything illegal.

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