The end of an era - 4chan founder Moot signs off one last time

"I'm very tempted to make my last words 'Ayy Lmao', 
but instead I'll just say: See you later, Space Cowboy."

And like that, Moot was gone.

Comments (11)

  1. rip in peace moot. you may of been a huge faggot, but you were our huge faggot.

  2. Well, with him being mostly absent since 2012 I don't exactly see what this changes.

  3. All his faggotry aside, Moot created something truly great and put up with a lot of shit through the years because of it, and he has his place in internet history. Even if he is every bit the SJW cunt that everyone has taken to calling him lately, for me personally, he's still earned my sincere thanks and I still wish nothing but the best for him.

    1. Tuffy McFuckleby25 January 2015 at 18:13

      Yeah, thanks so much for sharing the picture of a stretched anus and old people blowing each other. *flushes* Goodbye 4chan.

  4. How dare he desecrate Cowboy Bebop like that

    Also, what the fuck is 4chan?

  5. In death, all members of anonymous 4chan has a name, his name is faggot moot