Moot's Farewell Livestream - 2PM

The time draws near, as Christopher "Moot" Poole prepares to take leave of his role as head of 4chan, the site that gave birth to the Friendship is Magic fandom, and so much more. Moot made his announcement earlier this week ushering in a torrent of emotions that run the gambit from fear and sorrow to "good riddance" from others.

The Q&A stream embedded above, is set to go live at 2PM Eastern, in which he plans to say his goodbyes and answer any questions about the site's future that he can.

The Q&A stream is accompanied by the creation of the /qa/ board, which is currently live, but not accepting posts at the time of writing this. It is assumed that moot will be taking questions from the community through a sticky on this board.

There is about 2 hours until the stream goes live, so do not expect any updates until then.

Comments (5)

  1. Knowing how many pissy little edgelord kids are going to flood this thing and call Moot an SJW and shit, I want to call him a "misogynist" and "rape enabler" and etc. just to mess with them.

    1. 8fags are already preparing their weapons.

  2. apologies for poor english but where u were when moot is killed?

  3. mfw Seth earns more than moot from his website

  4. In case you're hoping for mentions of pony, I will save you from listening to this thing: There is only one reference, at 6:29:23 (approx). He is talking about offshoot imageboards that did well, and mentions pony boards as an example. That's it. And, it wasn't in response to a pony question.