Shorty Awards have begun - Time for pony flooding.

Every year, January becomes saturated with award shows to recap the previous year. Most of them are for things that the majority of us will never have a chance at. Things like Golden Globes...Grammys....Oscars....and so on. Well back in 2008 things changed, with the advent of "The Shorty Awards".

The shorty awards are awards for the internet. In particular, awards for twitter accounts and social media. Finally. Something everyone is eligible for.
And as it turns out, Horse-News is part of everyone.
Oh...and MLP stuff too
Here's where you come in.

The Shorty Awards have dozens of categories, and anyone with a twitter account is both eligible to win, as well as to nominate.

Horse News is currently nominated for "Fansite", and is currently in second place for "weird".
Apparently we are ineligible for "Journalist" (because pony news isn't journalism or something...fascists...)

We actually have a shot at getting the Weird award, which you all deem appropriate for some reason, as the top-3 nominees will become finalists for certain. Want to see us go to New York to accept an award for being Weird? Then you should cast a vote here.

Now on to the other rigging

My Little Pony is eligible for a Shorty Award in "TV Show"

With the completion of his novel, M.A. Larson is eligible for a Shorty Award in "Author"

As-is GM Berrow

Our own shitty writer, MLPcritic, is up for the blogger spot

Naturally, MLP has numerous artists who are eligible

If you dig the music of the show, you can vote for Daniel Ingram

The VA staff are eligible for the Actress slots

(We could post all the possibilities, but that would be excessive)

And from Discovery Digital Networks, and friend of HN; Catie Wayne is in the running for Youtube Comedian for her work with Friendship is Recapped

So, spread the word, and get those nominations out there. Nominations CLOSE on February 19th
That's 1 month from now.

Be sure to add a reason after the "because" or else it doesn't count.

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  1. Sounds fun--
    >anyone with a twitter account
    well fuck it then. I have Cheetos to eat.

    1. >Moar CatieWayne and #horsefamous circlejerking

  2. >implying I would tweet anything related to horses

    ...Guess it's time to make a sockpuppet.