MLPchan + Ponychan merging?

Ever since the Scruffening, there has been a contingency plan in place, that - in the event of 4chan eliminating /mlp/ as a board, there would be a fallout shelter - MLPchan. And ever since /mlp/ was a board there was another policy: Ponychan a shit.

It seems that the lines are about to become blurred, ushering in a new era of Pony Image Boards:

Tonight MLPchan and Ponychan made an announcement: a merger. The announcement comes on the heels of Moot - the technical father of /mlp/ - stepping down as Admin of 4chan, and it only spells uncertainty for the relationship between /mlp/ and its "hugbox" counterparts.

Posts went up at both Ponychan and MLPchan just a few hours ago, laying out the proposed merger between the two sites, and confirming that the site would become "" and NOT a new entity.

The ponychan post is transcribed below

TLDR: This website is potentially changing, and you should read the entire post before commenting on this proposal.
First off, don't panic and kill us.
The Ponychan and MLPchan staffs are proposing a merger between the two sites. MLPchan was created in response to Ponychan policies of the time. We believe that since then, our differences have decreased, and those that remain are worth setting aside to unify the community.
The following is a proposal written up by the staff members of both Ponychan and MLPchan, everyone had equal say and ample opportunity to discuss or suggest the things that went into this proposal.
Everything in this proposal is subject to change based on discussion, but the degree of possible changes varies.
For example, the website being called "Ponychan" and having a /pony/ board is not likely to change unless somebody brings up an extremely good reason for it.
On the other hand, the splitting of /rp/ into /rp/ and /ooc/ is something very easily done.
Please remember to keep things in this thread civil and thought provoking, a "happening" thread may be created on /oat/ if you wish to post such apocolyptic tomfoolery.
The details of the proposal as written by the staffs:
Site structure
"" would still be the name of the site.
The site's current servers and webhost will be retired, and MLPchan's current set up would become ours.
Kusaba will be slain, and MLPchan's Tinyboard setup will be implemented, with all of Ponychan's current themes and functionality added.
Both Ponychan and MLPchan archives saved and merged.
Site funding by Anonthony, has no official status, position or authority within the staff beyond that of a regular user who decides to donate their life savings to a horse website.
A fresh slate will be given for current bans for all but the most serious cases.
Position Name Tag
Community Admin Fenolio !!Shining Armor
Systems Admin Macil !!Luna
Moderator Admiral Yang !!Tag
Moderator Astra Bolt !!Twilight Sparkle
Moderator Crimson Risk !!Rarity
Moderator Ghosties !!Gilda
Moderator Mellowbloom !!Tag
Moderator Nimble !!Pinkie Pie
Moderator Rainbro !!Rainbow Dash
Moderator TPWPF !!Fluttershy
Developer Zeke !!Sweetie Bot

Board layout
Board Type Name Description
Infrastructure /site/ site issues and questions
Infrastructure /arch/ chan archive (both sites merged)
Infrastructure /all/ combination of all boards on a single page
Discussion /pony/ mlp related discussion
Discussion /oat/ any topic
Discussion /anon/ any topic, anonymous-based - mature-content tagged, hidden by default threads allowed
Discussion /chat/ off-topic sfw serial threads
Creative /rp/ roleplay
Creative /pic/ pic galleries, dumps and so on
Creative /fan/ 'fanwork' board; writing, collaboration, art, etc
Hidden /moon/ Ban-ishment board (linked in banpage and rules page)
Hidden /test/ for testan

Completely clean slate, added as demand warrants and the number kept to a strict minimum that is yet to be determined.
Global rules (violation will result in a site-wide ban)
Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.
Stalking, harassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.
Do not post anything illegal under U.S. or U.K. law
No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/
Pornography and overtly sexual images depicting minors (including drawings) are not allowed anywhere on the site.
No gore or images of extreme violence outside of /anon/
No spamming of this site or any other
No malicious impersonation of other users
The moderation staff reserves the right to enforce both the letter and
the spirit of these rules.
Board rules (violation may result in a ban from the corresponding board)
On-topic board about the site itself.

All threads on this board are to be related to ponies, the show, the films, comics and so on in some way.
Do not derail threads tagged as "Serious" or "Show Discussion".

Do not derail threads tagged as "Serious".

This is MLPchan’s anonymous culture board. Names are generally discouraged.
NSFW threads and images must be posted under a “Mature” tag, a feature unique to this board.
Underage NSFW content (including loli and foalcon) is not allowed even under a mature tag

This is a board for serial threads (threads with more-or-less static groups of posters that are frequently remade). Non-serial threads should be posted on /oat/, /anon/, or /pony/ as appropriate. Use of the [#cyclic] tag in the OP will enable your thread to delete old posts when it goes over 500 and last indefinitely without hitting a limit.
Keep the drama to a minimum.

No ERP/cybering.
Do not post in RP threads that you are not a part of without the permission of the OP, unless they are tagged as "Open".
If a thread is marked "Closed", do not post in it for any reason unless you are a part of that RP
Please adhere to the rules of the particular RP that you are in.
Roleplay canons are allowed to create their own rules and police members as long as they follow the site rules.

All image dumps should be MLP-related.
NSFW images are not allowed on this board. All NSFW content should be posted in /anon/ with the “Mature” tag. (Or do people want #mature tags on /pic/?)
Before posting new threads, please make sure there is not already an existing thread on the same topic. Duplicate threads make the board disorganized and redundant.

Please post only fan-created works on this board. Official show content (videos, writing, etc...) should be posted on /pony/. Official show merchandise may be posted/discussed here.

/vinyl/, /g/
Should they exist, or just be subsumed into /oat/? We feel the above structure would be best for the community, but we are looking for the community’s input.

As of now, nothing is set in stone. But it does appear that the "Fallout Shelter" as /mlp/ knows it, will be closing up shop and being absorbed by Ponychan in the near future.

The discussion threads on each site are linked below.

Weigh in with your opinions while you can.

Comments (32)

  1. /anon/ was always an island in a sea of autism. The rest of MLPchan was pretty much Ponychan 2, electric boogaloo, but worse edition.

    I fail to see how this will change anything for /anon/.

    1. /anon/ is a poor man's /mlp/

  2. alius finis, ad aliud tempus


    So I didn't anticipate this being news so fast.

    At this juncture it is NOT a confirmed HAPPENING. However, it *may* be, and I want to stress one thing:
    /anon/ will not be altered. It will continue as it is now - that was one of my prerequisites, one of my dealbreakers, before going into the merger discussions the staffs of both sites had.

    /anon/ is a valuable resource for those who need an alternative to /mlp/, and I would see it remain as such regardless of the domain it's on. It's just that there is already too much division and thinning out, spreading out of the pony fandom sites, and consolidating with resources and communities is a good idea in general. Frankly, Ponychan has changed a great deal in the last 1-2 years under new management and administration as well.

    If there are any questions, I welcome them either in the thread of personally.; same for Skype.

  4. Didn't we all come from /co/ anyway?

    1. As far as the HN-author demographic goes, it's around 1/3 "new" guys, started on /mlp/, 1/3 /b, and another 1/3 from Other boards, /co/, /k/, /a/, etc.

    2. It was the same in my experience. Some of the mlpchan staff started out at /b/ (like myself), some from /co/, some from others such as ponychan or /mlp/

    3. most of the intelligent /co/ folks left the fandom when it became creepy clopper central and /b/ came in

      sorry to burst your bubble, but "normal" comics and cartoons fans, already weirdos themselves to the general public, don't want to associate with bronies.

    4. @Rarifag: Literally the only HN staff member who matters is capper.

      @Anon: It literally does not matter whether or not people want to be associated with bronies or not. Capefags don't necessarily want to be associated with tumblrinas, Korrafags and Sonicfags either, but /co/ still has to put up with them because 4chan is not some private hugbox. /mlp/ was created as a containment board and presumably destroying it will just unleash everyone back into the other boards returning the status quo that forced them to make /mlp/ in the first place. If anything it would be a cleansing of cancer, much like how GameGate cleansed /pol/. Because of that the only thing that will kill /mlp/ without consequence will be the cancellation of the series itself. Besides 4channers are 4channers before they are weeaboos, capefags or bronies, and if you came to 4chan for any reason other than to tonguepunch the fartbox of internet then you probably had no business being there in the first place.

    5. No, /mlp/ not a "containment board". MLP fans were not a bunch of whiny, self-righteous assholes who were no different than SJWs. The fandom just got big enough that it warranted its own board.

      I mean, come the fuck on, you do seriously think there were so many butthurt little crybabies throwing a fit over cartoon horses that everyone collectively went "THERE ARE TOO MANY PONIES! WE BESEECH YOU, O LORD, TO HOLD BACK THIS PLAGUE ON FOUR HOOVES!"? That "containment board" bullshit was just GamerGaters trying to bullshit their way into not getting kicked the fuck out for pissing everyone off when throwing a huge tantrum and harassing everyone didn't work.

    6. >you do seriously think there were so many butthurt little crybabies throwing a fit over cartoon horses that everyone collectively went "THERE ARE TOO MANY PONIES! WE BESEECH YOU, O LORD, TO HOLD BACK THIS PLAGUE ON FOUR HOOVES!"?

      Why yes, that's exactly what happened. /b/ and /v/ are a whiny bunch.

      >Using gamergater seriously.
      How you're that kind of people.

  5. Ponychan sounds like it's for goddamn weiners.

  6. You can't stop the HAPPENING TRAIN! There is NO breaks on this train!

  7. I'd love for this to happen. The more chaos, the merrier!

  8. >UK Law
    >no facesitting
    >No Foalcon
    >No Loli
    0/10 would not use Ponychan pls go

    1. Our servers were already UK based. Those rules were already in place (except facesitting. )

    2. A law was recently introduced in the U.K. banning "extreme pornography", this includes face sitting.

    3. Does ANYONE even know what the fuck "cuck" even means or are you all just mindlessly repeating the same shit as everyone else like mentally handicapped sheep?

    4. @11:46
      That only applies to production of such extreme pornography such as face sitting or women's ejaculate, you can still watch it no prob.

    5. Come to 8chan's /pone/, it's hosted in the US and has no such restrictions. Anythings allowed, so long as the NSFW is spoilered.

    6. Fuck off shill.

    7. >8chan faggots literally cannot handle the idea of not shilling every time they see something they don't like
      If 8chan is so free, I suppose I could post CP there, huh?

  9. Explicitly allow trolling on /anon/ and I'm on board.

  10. >no foalcon

    1. As long as no one reports it...

    2. Yes, that's stupid rule, they don't seem to realise that foalcon won't be considered as cp.

  11. >Moderators with all the pony names
    >except applejack

    Top fucking kek.

  12. >Ponychan and MLPchan
    >Autism containment centers
    >Not going to 8chan's /pone/

    Spoilered NSFW is allowed, 5 images per post, no captcha, no mandatory wait time between posts, global mods only delete CP and illegal stuff, webms have sound, and posting ponies on /b/ is allowed.

  13. MLPchan or should I say Bronychan mods got turbo butthurt when I posted in the discussion thread on the site about how dumb an idea this was.