2+ Years of 4chan Moderation IRC Chatlogs leaked to world

In what may one day be looked back upon as the "wikileaks of wikileaks", something historic, and most likely damning has occurred. Over 2 years worth of private moderation/janitorial IRC chatlogs from within 4chan's administrative structure have been leaked to the world, encompassing 2,250,060 lines of dialogue. With them, comes the handles of one of the most secretive groups on the Internet: the 4chan moderation team.

8chan has already begun dissecting the monolithic amount of data, to learn about the world behind the one-way mirror, and what has been discovered thusfar has many in a predictable outrage.

Of note to our readers, is the fact that the Identity of /mlp/'s "Scruffy" has been revealed, a janitor by the nickname of "Yetsturdy", and also the fact that he is gone now.

Here we go.

The logs were leaked by an unknown, and presumably now-former 4chan staff member on the site http://p.pomf.se/5801. There, links to zipfiles of the chatlogs were found as well as screencaps of the site from a control-board to lend authenticity to the leak.
Though it is certain these are legitimate, given their scope.
Zipfile link: http://a.pomf.se/qvfgbc.7z
Imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/kxXA2#0

To read the chatlogs, Notepad++ is recommended.

It will take a considerable amount of time to sift through the mountains of data that were found here, which contains conversation about every conceivable topic, from free speech to Social Justice. If every line only contained a single word it would still be 10 times the length of Ulysses. 

We are not yet sure how this will affect 4chan's future, coming mere hours after the retirement of the website's owner and founder Christopher "Moot" Poole, who recently enacted ID requirements for the volunteer team, shortly before his departure from the site.

8chan's thread on the leak is here:

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  1. >8chan

    fucking cancer

    1. >ITT: Oldfriend hipsters from HalfChan deny Moot's SJW shilling.

    2. anyplace but 8.

  2. People are dickholes. Mods are people. Ergo, mods are dickholes. I don't know why is everyone always surprised.
    >no hooves
    and those even slightly interested have surely heard it already. No funny commentary, even. Why?
    If your want to post something, post something actually news. Or horse. Like dump your favourite pony porn here or something, it would still be better.

    1. You're retarded
      this has to do with Scruffy, /mlp/s boogeyman that has haunted the pony board for 2 years now
      and this site is run by /mlp/ users, some of whom have been accused of BEING Scruffy
      so of course its going to be posted you dumb cunt

    2. you can make your own blog and do that if you want.

    3. On a second glance, it seems that the leak threads are being banned (?) on the board itself, so I guess it's your civilian duty to post this everywhere possible. I stand corrected.
      Although 'news' about Moot retiring are in the header on 4chan, so yeah.


  3. >slowchan claims they're not low on activity
    >new board on 4chin has surpassed their post count in two days


    1. If you're referring to /qa/, it was guaranteed that it would surpass 8chan's post count because people from almost every board were clamoring amongst each other to get a question in. Are you that stupid? You fill a board with hundreds, possibly thousands of people, and your surprised that was the result?

    2. Late to the party, but moots livestream had upwards 50K listeners at one point

  4. [10:32:48] Liryui: I've accidentally dumped more than that in a row on /mlp/, those autistic retards never notice
    [10:33:04] the only people left on /mlp/ are actually retards
    [10:33:21] i see you've misspelled 4chan


    Yeah. People were -shocked- at the idea anyone would want to leave /mlp/ for /anon/ or /pone/.

    1. So the mods/janitors are confirmed for hating their own user base? And anyone still posting on /mlp/ are retards according to the janitors and mods that do it for free?

  5. (00:38:02) ‹+yetsturdy› I don't think /mlp/ would notice me unless I started deleting all the porn.
    (00:38:27) ‹~moots› considering it's a worksafe board, you should
    (00:38:30) ‹~moots› clop clop isn't allowed
    (00:38:40) ‹~moots› the fact that i even had to type that grosses me out

    1. >‹~moots› clop clop isn't allowed
      >clop clop

      Jesus, Moot. I knew you were out of touch, but holy shit...

  6. I am laughing like a maniac right now. With a leak of this scale and quantity, it'll no doubt take a while to sift through the whole thing, but just imagine what we'll find.

    But for now, I'll settle for the identity of Scruffy.

    1. You know I think? This dipshit who went on about fighting the NSA and all that was mod for a short time, but then he got kicked out for being a complete dumbass. /mlp/ never knew, though, so Scruffy became their equivilent of the Dread Pirate Roberts. Anyone who became /mlp/'s mod inherited the title of "Scruffy".

  7. >"don't offend anyone for the sake of offending"
    >getting butthurt over "britbong"

    In case anyone seriously didn't think that moot got SJW faggots for mods, this should be all the proof you need.


      Oh wait, you're serious?


      Yeah, sure, British people getting annoyed at stupid meme bullshit is totally social justice, sport. You're totally not a butthurt little bitch throwing a tantrum that people actually get angry you casually insult them. Moot and his mods really are misogy- I mean, sociali- I mean, Naz- I mean, SJWs.

    2. only yuropoor newfags get mad at shit like "britbong."


  8. Spanish /mlp/ threads

    May 25 21:34:02 I PM'd moot the night I noticed they were sharing CP and his response was that I should start deleting them, and he added he was considering a global "no non-english threads outside of /int/" rule
    May 25 21:34:04 >Boogie
    May 25 21:34:12 absolutely_disgusting.jpg
    May 25 21:34:17 so that should clarify that it wasn't just about the spanish threads sharing CP that got them banned
    May 25 21:34:18 Boogie's my friend
    May 25 21:34:19 lol
    May 25 21:34:28 and speaking of them being banned, moot actually thredbanned the lot of them at the time.
    May 25 21:34:34 threadbanned*
    May 25 21:34:37 Plus his fetish for creatures 1/4 someone's size is terrible

    Spanish threads almost destroys /mlp/
    May 25 21:39:02 there are non-english threads moot OK'd me to delete that I've now been told not to delete
    May 25 21:39:05 and then told to never mind
    May 25 21:39:07 no habla espanol amigo?
    [12:05:33 p.m.] Trucky: May 25 21:41:51 so you should also remove el ponies
    May 25 21:42:01 delete /mlp/
    May 25 21:42:03 it
    May 25 21:42:07 it's time to do it
    May 25 21:42:11 now's our opportunity
    May 25 21:42:30 yeh ditv-toy he lists me as one of his inspirations to draw

    The only mod thinking mod in 2 years of chatlog
    May 25 20:47:25 if someone is posting that we don't need to fault the whole thread for it


  9. It's the janny IRC, not the mod one.
    These faggots can only delete threads and request bans.

  10. I wonder what juicy things we'll have about us in there...

    Because from what I'm seeing jesus CHRIST that yetsturdy guy is an ass.

  11. Can't download the file myself, website keep stopping the dl, I hope someone can save and rehost!

  12. Meanwhile linking to horse-news activates the "this is spam" message when posting.

    1. they're not wrong though

      only horse news editors think horse news is any good

  13. I find this little bit of discussion on pony porn interesting. Wonder how much more there is like it.


  14. Search up "Faust" in the mega chat.

    They talked about Faust's visit.
    A faggot called "duanemoody" REALLY advocated for deleting the board.

  15. Scratch that, read that again, its YETSTURDY who called for deletion, he was almost out of pony as faust visited and jokesa bout deleting the board after.

    Afterwards we have glimpse of the scruffenings...

    >(19:41:07) +yetsturdy: it's going to be excellent.
    (19:41:15) +yetsturdy: Exterminatus.
    (19:41:21) +yetsturdy: Purge.
    (19:42:12) +McNuggets: I'll be more than happy to purge the place ... I can handle the rage
    (19:42:41) +yetsturdy: moot said "no porn"
    (19:42:47) +yetsturdy: and I asked moot what counts
    (19:42:55) +yetsturdy: and he gave me a very liberal definition.

    Jesus. I can't wait for some autist to masterpost all the content, this is incredible.

    1. Even more, oh, OH GOD...

      (22:20:26) +yetsturdy: dashiCRAY: are you participating in the exterminatus?
      (22:20:41) +dashiCRAY: exterminatus?
      (22:20:51) +yetsturdy: dashiCRAY: you're /mlp/, right?
      (22:21:07) +dashiCRAY: yea but I havent ben surfing lately that mush
      (22:21:10) +Axism: exterminatus is the happening, right?
      (22:21:16) +Axism: in /mlp/?
      (22:21:41) +dashiCRAY: I'm not caught up on my board news haha
      (22:21:42) +yetsturdy: Axism: the Happening was Lauren Faust visiting /mlp/
      (22:22:11) +Axism: so what's exterminatus?
      (22:22:15) +yetsturdy: and now per moots spake, we're purging the shit.
      (22:22:38) +yetsturdy: deleting all fetish generals and applying the rules more harshly

      Faust caused the Scruffening... ;_;
      Someone not afraid of being banned warn the board.

  16. (12:29:23) +Kazisho: Also, dashi, do you know the other /mlp/ janis yet?
    (12:29:41) +dashiCRAY: nope
    (12:29:59) +Kazisho: Well, there's yetsturdy and Lethallin, but he's not on now.
    (12:31:12) +duanemoody: seriously?
    (12:31:31) @ALTERNATIVE: unless it's automatic now
    (12:31:35) +dashiCRAY: Kazisho: so there's just four of us?
    (12:31:40) @dongfix: huh
    (12:31:54) +duanemoody: /mlp/ has four janitors?
    (12:31:55) +Kazisho: Yes, and some mods focus on /mlp/ too, Aerolite does, I think.

    So there you go, the whole team.

    1. The latest mention of staff reveals something different, though.
      [23:26:35] Butter are you the only remaining mlp jani!
      [23:26:36] ?
      [23:27:03] >/mlp/ has only one person
      [23:27:08] jesus christ how horrifying
      [23:27:24] i might be willing to volunteer i suppose
      [23:27:29] I would actually like to know. When yets gave me the talk when I started, there were apparently 5, myself included. Out of those, I only only saw two. One of them yets, the other one is quite active, though
      [23:27:33] unless there are new /mlp/ janitors in the pipeline
      [23:27:47] so that would make us 2 to my knowledge + 2 ghosts
      [23:28:48] do you think you need help?
      [23:28:48] 2spoopy4me
      [23:29:07] /mlp/ could use some extra help. Yets didn't do too much on it as of late
      [23:29:29] Scrubadour, I can hardly tell. I know what is in the queue when I come online but that does not tell too much
      [23:30:00] Spitch, are there more than 2 active /mlp/ janitors?
      [23:30:43] Not at this time, no
      [23:30:44] there's you and kazisho
      [23:30:48] but if only the other guy and me remain, we more than certainly need one because we are in the same timezone
      [23:30:49] Well 2 yeah
      [23:31:10] Mods do keep an eye on /mlp/ though
      [23:35:03] but yeah, sooner or later we'd need someone for the night. But if yets wasn't that active and you were looking out anyway, it's probably not super urgent
      [23:35:35] I don't think /mlp/ is that out of control, but it has its moments where the queue will build up

    2. the names got removed, so just to clarify, the 2 active janitors are butterfingers and kazisho, while yetsturdy got lazy.

    3. any info on these two? that kazisho name sounds familiar from a previous leak.

  17. Sounds like moot was the only one who was holding these guys back. Now with him gone i'm not sure what the future of /mlp/ is going to be now. Who knows what the new admins think about our little board. We just don't know what's going to happen

    1. Some of them would rather simply remove /mlp/ and everything related and perma everyone posting pony, but one of them tried to push the idea of /mlp/ being NSFW, obviously without success. The future is hazy and worrisome.

    2. Between the anti-SJW kiddies that flooded in from Tumblr during GamerGate and no one to keep the mods in line, I predict the 4chan is going to fall apart. The former will retreat to 8chan and turn it into Edgy Tumblr, the latter will delete boards they don't like and drive off anyone who's not a sycophant.

    3. I've once withnessed an anarchistic user-governed board literally drowning in shit after a neighbouring 'chan changed owner and the new guy b& most of obnoxious faggots that used to den there. That was sad, but educational, and the whole 4chan/8chan thing brings back some memories.
      Although it might not be as bad with a guy who does not roleplay post-Heresy God-Emperor... as much. Man, the resemblance is uncanny. But still, admin intervention could help somewhat, yet should the worst scenario unroll 8chan will lose its virginity, one way or another.

    4. >anti-SJW kiddies
      >implying SJWs are mature in comparison

    5. It's retards yelling at retards while anyone with the slightest hint of self awareness on either side just sits off to the side with their head in their hands

    6. so people who realize that internet social justice is shit and will always be shit

      ok cool

  18. How is it that this isn't being discussed anywhere...

    1. Probably because the OP will get banned for sure.

      Do it if you wan't, I'll follow.

    2. Does anyone even know about this? Or care, for that matter?

  19. >So there you go, the whole team.

    This was ages ago, though. yetsturdy got fired and neither Lethallin nor dashCRAY show up much way down. Look for new hires.

  20. >tfw you can read the janitor being legitimately scared of Barneyfag's autism.

  21. Apr 08 10:20:06 I'll go to mlpchan and tell them milky can come back
    Apr 08 10:20:23 the problem with milky is that EVERY milky thread ended up in

    Apr 08 10:20:38 because the character was nothing but a set of lactating tits

    with legs
    Apr 08 10:20:46 recent attempts at milky threads were actually pretty tame
    Apr 08 10:20:49 that was the whole fucking character
    Apr 08 10:21:01 they self-censored themselves for a long while.
    Apr 08 10:21:09 you literally cannot describe who she is without mentioning

    lactating tits
    Apr 08 10:21:11 to the point I would argue that sfw milky outside milky threads

    could be fair game now
    Apr 08 10:21:28 RapeApe: so... "fingerbang" threads are OK, though
    Apr 08 10:21:40 where it's literally about RPing sex with teenage horsewomen
    Apr 08 10:21:42 if, *IF* we get enough janitors to ensure the board doesn't
    constantly devolve into porn, then we can reconsider milky

    If only... ;_;

    1. [Apr 08 10:21:28 RapeApe: so... "fingerbang" threads are OK, though
      [Apr 08 10:21:40 where it's literally about RPing sex with teenage horsewomen

      First, no it isn't. Second, how the fuck did RapeApe get that idea?

      I don't even go to that general and I know that that's not what it's about. Some of the stories involve sex, yes, but it's not RP, and they're not "horsewomen", nor are they necessarily teenagers. It's standard young adult smut set in a high school at worst.

      It's like they're actively looking for misunderstandings to get arrogant about.

  22. At some time its hilarious though:
    Jun 01 15:25:22 ALTERNATIVE, you made the news
    Jun 01 15:26:18 http://www.horse-news.net/2014/06/4-chin-bans-eqg-and-
    Jun 01 15:28:03 their logo is the i want2cuminrainbowdash
    Jun 01 15:28:09 and a meme arrow
    Jun 01 15:28:38 i think it's safe to say that the entire site is full of faggotry
    and anything they say should be disregarded on principle
    Jun 01 15:28:47 is /mlp/ a big thing in the horse cartoon community?
    Jun 01 15:28:59 they are again
    Jun 01 15:29:47 still, they are taking ALT a bit too literal here, which will
    cause lots of butthurt

  23. [08:05:04] RapeApe, could you make a sticky?
    [08:05:12] no.
    [08:05:38] i'm not going to inadvertently inform /v/ and the rest of 4chan that there is something going on that they need to rail against.

    We've seen this attitude before, especially on /co/ when ponies were banned for no raisin:
    "Ban first, explain why later."
    The mods are completely disconnected from the userbase.

    1. There acting like a bunch of guards and we're the inmates who riot on a weekly basis. And now this

  24. Can any of those chatlogs be proven to be authentic?

    Just asking.

    1. >demand proofs

      That's not really the right question. If someone fabricated millions of words of fake 4chan chat logs, he deserves to be believe.

    2. People will always belive a lie if it's big enough.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. The fact that the mods are handing out one month bans now just for posting an excerpt from the IRC logs shows that they're in a clear panic mode right now over this.

    And while I don't see /mlp/ going anywhere anytime soon (since the mods and new site admins know that its a containment board and they would rather keep the bronies their instead of spreading on the other boards), I have my concerns over how 4chan is going to be run from now on. These mods seem to be living in their own little world according to the logs, and have not only refused to listen to criticism from anons, but they later claim that they're not getting enough of it.

    Literally this is who Moot chose to succeed him? He couldn't trust anybody else?

    1. Anon, please, 4chan was always run by people who had a particular dislike for the boards in question.

      Viz. The Scruffening of /tg/.

      Anyway, it's kinda funny to see Leth was among the janitors.
      MLPG was right about him all along.

  27. (18:21:39) +yetsturdy: who is active on /mlp/ right now?
    (18:21:49) +yetsturdy: you're deleting threads I want to delete faster than I can load them. :(
    (18:22:04) +yetsturdy: also why are we not just banning all that remains of /mlp/?
    (18:22:07) +Spitch: I couldn't imagine someone never going on /pol/ trying to janitor it
    (18:22:13) +Spitch: They would just spam global 3 brs
    (18:22:26) +yetsturdy: it's pretty much 90% people who showed up when Lauren Faust posted a few weeks ago who had never been to 4chan before.
    (18:22:29) +yetsturdy: No one is left.
    (18:22:41) +yetsturdy: It's a wasteland. No one who still posts there would care if it was gone.

  28. I'm gonna need a LOT of popcorn

  29. The links are broken. Does anyone have other archives of the links?

    1. Yes please, I second that, need this to research something important.

  30. I believe I have found a new link for the chat logs.