EQLA back from the ded!

EQLA's Con-Chair: Not afraid to say what everyone is thinking

The once dead convention has new life to it, and the announcement has made big waves in the fandom.

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Eqla is back after a year long hiatus, ending the long and grueling wait that the socal bronies group had to endure to reclaim something that was considered a source of unity and pride.

From EQLA's Website

You've waited and it's finally here: Equestria LA 2015 is a go!
Mark your calendars for Labor Day Weekend and join us September 4th - 6th for three glorious days of Equestria LA!
This year we're hosting it right next door to our first two venues, at the Hilton Anaheim! You'll be able to snag a room this year at the special EQLA rate of $159 per night either online, or by calling 877-776-4932 and using the code EQU!
Pre-registration will be opening soon! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or check back here periodically to know as soon as it's open!
We're so glad we have the opportunity to put together a third convention, and we hope to see as many fans of My Little Pony as possible this fall!

The website also had a map of the area, which I know like the back of my hand due to living here almost all of my life, here are the basics you need to know about the Anaheim resort area:

We at Horse News will be in attendance, for one reason other than hot pony plot.

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  1. >no one cares
    Obviously that one dude cares.
    As well as other SoCal con-goers. They would probably care.

    Christ GP, don't be a little bitch.

    1. Weeb trash pls

    2. >watches show for little girls

  2. >no one cares
    Especially since they haven't announced anything. Who you got EQLA? No-one? That's what I thought.

  3. A Beach Boys song? Man, HN is classier than I thought. Now I just have to wait until they post a Gary Puckett & The Union Gap song.

  4. cruising in an old post to ask a pressing question:
    why are you REALLY not going to EQLA this year, chelis?