Cringe Corner: Pregnant Apple Bloom - Sweet Christ Why

Many would think, that Horse News is on the pulse of the fandom's underbelly 100% of the time. Well it turns out we're not as in touch with "The Belly" as we would expect.
Meet "Pregnant Apple Bloom".

This is a Youtube Channel.
No really. This is a real thing. It has over 2000 Subscribers. Combined, it's videos have nearly half a million views. Its name is very literal, in that it is a channel dedicated to the concept of Apple Bloom being pregnant...and all that entails.

Including, but not limited to, Pregnancy Farts.

Stop what you're doing right now, and realize that this is a real group.

In addition to...whatever this is...PregnantAppleBloom also has a Facebook Page, a DeviantArt, A tumblr, a twitter account, and a goddammed website. These people are fucking dedicated to their "Vore/Pregnancy/Inflation/Foalcon" in ways we can't properly rationalize.

But over 3700 of you apparently can.

Right now you probably have one major question. That question is "Why".
Thankfully they went as far as to add a few "Ask PAB" videos to answer that..sort of...

I...just can't look away....

Now, by now you had to be thinking, as we were thinking, that this had to be some ChrisChan-type using a crazy voice modulator. The truth is far more confusing.
According to the creepy voice, the channel is actually operated by a woman..and her husband...

Just let that sink in.

Before we reach for the tequila to drink the nightmares away we will leave you with this image

That is what the creator of all this looks like.
This creates more questions than it answers.
Best of luck.

Comments (29)

  1. I mostly remember when it spread over Facebook pages, and how it'd go from page to page and "ask for shares" in which the page it's asking would post a link to this PAB page to get more people to like it. Even to pages that say somewhere obvious that they don't want posts like that written to them, which caused a bit of drama, but what PAB probably played for "how there is no such thing as bad publicity".

    So yeah, forcing itself everywhere is an understatement, but you knew that already.

    I could say the same about that Brony dating thing that's been around since a while ago that has Derpy and Luna kissing on the front page.

    I probably gave them the publicity they wanted by writing this comment, but whatever.

    1. This is the most fucked up combo of pony fetishes on HN since insect cream scotaloo plushie
      That was worse.

  2. Um, pregnant Scootaloo has been a thing for so long that she's now become motherly Scootaloo.

    1. And that was actually story based, this seems to just be creepy fetish shit.

    2. But Motherly Scootaloo is GOOD...

    3. There's a story on their website, if you look under fanfiction. They have a semblance of a backstory. It's not technically foalcon if we're going with the idea of sexualizing minors or having them in direct sexual positions. The gist of the backstory they give is that the CMC have been stuck at 10 for about 9 years because Granny Smith is an evil witch or such. So they're technically legal, albeit I imagine the story they have in mind will reverse the spell so they'll be physically legal as well.

  3. >"Paradise is just a click away"


  4. See, women can be mentally ill too.

  5. These people been harassing people over by the facebook community via. Spamming people with their posts. Via going on multiple accounts to spam mine, friends, and other pages about sharing the page. Their own excuse for why it is not "a foal" Is because she is "barely legal" until Zecora using a potion to make her pregnant with her never going into labor. Which is pretty much just giving a kid with a stomach needing pumping but instead she was given a fake ID. It is also worst that. To get where she is now. She uses bitchy moves. Like Tagging people on their tons of different to their post so they get to show up in their and their's friend's newfeed REGRESS IF THEY ARE BANNED YOU FROM THE PAGE! It honestly made me sick looking to see that these bitches are still around doing all of this shit. This community have atleast 50 to 100 reporting them and their content for the shit they were doing but Facebook is like "NOPE NOPE!" We ain't doing shit."

  6. A most hearty kek.

  7. Guy who browse the preg gen pretty often here.

    What the flying fuck is that shit.

    1. Paradise, which I understand is just a click away.

      There's also a backstory!

  8. Sweet Jesus, this is horrifying.

  9. I wonder if ED has a page for this shit.

    1. Be the change you want in the world Anon.

  10. You know, a lot of those things are my fetish. But Pregnant Apple Bloom... Oh, Pregnant Apple Bloom...
    My boner an heros just thinking about it.

  11. I would like it if i was just pictures.

  12. Reminds me, how is BG doing? Haven't heard from them for a while.

  13. Preggo Apple Bloom as responded to this already. <3

  14. I have to wonder how much "research" went into this article. If you're going to tear it down, at least do so with some established knowledge on the subject in question, not to mention look deeper than what it appears to be at first glance. They admit it's a taboo subject, but this kind of misrepresentation makes you look bad as a "journalist" more than giving them publicity for people who aren't so quick to judge without probing further.

    It threw me off a bit, but if the worst they do is not realize internet etiquette as relates to asking for shares, then you haven't seen the truly creepy aspects of the MLP fandom that have made a plushie you can stick your junk in to simulate sex with Lyra, Twilight or others. Maieusophilia is hardly on the same level as zoophilia or the like.

    1. I'm not sure if you were takin' up for us or not, but if you were, thanks J.S. Cowan!
      Yeah, PAB (Preggo Apple Bloom) is nothing more than a Maieusophilia/Vore fetish/MLP FIM mash up.
      Apple Bloom happens to be the featured character because she's my favorite character from the show.
      I don't mind people attacking me. I actually like the attention to be perfectly honest.
      And no, we do not stoop down to sex plushie type things. Not even we are into THAT part of the fandom.
      When it comes to us, it's a pretty simple concept.
      If you've gotta thing for pregnancy, inflation, vore and happen to like MLP FIM, you'll love (or at least be able to tolerate) the things Preggo Apple Bloom posts.
      If you do not have the fetish, you will not understand. Thus, ignorantly start attacking PAB for being different than what most consider "normal."

  15. most of the video is gone, also, the two posts above me is now spam.

  16. You people are literally the reason why mlp is laughed at. Overly lewd faggotry. Your inappropriate content that you upload like scat, farting and even cum. Is not even age restricted. For people of "god" you sure do act vulgarly lewd and so on which violates the rules. Not one to judge religion, but the point is your fucking weirdos that were probably social rejects of society and are psychos that will one day catch the almighty eye of some btard one day.

  17. Someone make a dramatica page for this faggotry.

  18. I didn't think there was anyone more autistic than pikapetey, and yet here are all these spam that makes him look intelligent.

  19. Holy shit, the spam is gone.

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