North Koreans demand take down of "The Breakup"

A group of cyber criminals with ties to North Korea calling themselves "Guardians of Pones" or "The GOP" for short has begun sending threats to American pony media groups, demanding the withdrawal of certain media. The group has sent threats of hacking and releasing of sensitive information if they do not get their way.

Horse News, upon learning that we are in fact NOT owned by Sony, and do not give in to threats, refuses to pull our media, because North Korea is not Best Korea any longer.

File Photo of North Korea

What began as a story of semi-popular reporters/entertainers covering the controversial struggles of a high-profile individual, quickly turned bad for the reporters, when the subject of the story became angry at its existence. The leader of the GOP, identified as one "Em Lee Jon-Un", has vowed retaliation for "The Breakup" if it is allowed to be available for public viewing.

We have not yet received word from Seoul Rac in South Korea which had made a split from Em Lee in North Korea along the 38th Parallel.

The Guardians of Pones have also demanded the takedown of a highly-anticipated movie franchise - "Equestria Girls 3" and has vowed to release stolen personal information if it is released, indicating they have videos of M.A. Larson and Peter New, who are somehow involved in this.

Horse News does not give in to threats, and will not be censored

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    It was Emi

  2. The main problem I can see with their demands is their threatening to release videos of 'Thanks' M. A. Larson and Peter New. You know whatever is released, they both are going to have one look at the video(s) and say to themselves "We can easily top that". And then proceed to make an even better set of videos for public release. not very threatening at all.

  3. Who is this massive faggot? Be original. Not some copycat whore.

  4. My biggest problem with these alleged "hackers" is that most of them don't even know what they're talking about when they say 'hacking' and have minimal knowledge of compiters like that. People like this are just big attention fags who can't deliver on their threats, and I challenge them to prove otherwise.

  5. I want to say gimmick and shitposting...

    But people really are unfortunately just THAT retarded.

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