Next Season 5 trailer released, Applejack wins bet

Next in the series of teaser trailers for a bad ass and highly anticipated season five, Hasbro released the new Applejack teaser several hours ago. Also they tried to sell us some weak ass chapter books. As if we want to read anything that's NOT Horse News.

Following last week's teaser featuring Pinkie "Warm Cream" Pie, the orange, well toned apple butt herself is getting this week's spot. While we may have predicted Rainbow Cunt would take this week's spot, we couldn't have been more wrong and many of you lost money. We're not apologizing because we kept the money from the bets, but we still wanted to acknowledge we fucked you over. Thank you.

We will now be taking bets for the recipient of next week's teaser (December 15th), and have also adjusted the odds to fit the new possible outcome. As always, you can email your pick, wager amount, and genitalia photo to CapperGeneral and now you can also email Christopher Poole, CEO of Troll inc. and Horse News's favorite traitor and SJW submissive faggot. Good luck ladies and gentlemen.

Rarity                         1/3
Rainbow Dash             2/7
Sunset Shimmer       2/11
Any Princess             3/10
Derpy                 still 9/11

The pony races are open once again!

I'll take her to the races if you know what I mean. Wait, you don't? Sex, anon. I'm talking about sex. Dirty, crazy, amazing Horse News sex. With a cream pie to boot.

Comments (5)

  1. I don't like these trailers. They're dumb. Fuck everything.

  2. Goddam those puns. I feel bad for laughin so hard

  3. That cheap 3D animation. That creepy male voice.

    Fuck it, I'm done.

  4. This is difficult to clop to