Babscon announces "Holloween Harvey" as guest of honor

"Literally who?"

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Even though he does not watch the show, Halloween Harvey has been announced as the next GOH in what is to be a jam-packed line up.

"Who is Halloween Harvey?" Was the question to everyone not in the Dallas television market. He is the larger, less attractive version of Elvira, but they do the shame schtic: The horror hosting shows were a big hit back in the day, with names like Mr Lobo, Morgus the magnificent, Rob Zombie, and even the one who started it all: Vampira

It still boggles the mind how a public access horror movie enthusiast from North Texas can be invited to such a event. The current theory speculates that someone from the Babscon staff that went to Nightmare Nights Dallas may have taken a liking to him.

This vine video might be a clue.

If you are still interested in coming to babscon, registration is still open and many of the Horse News staff will be in attendance.

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