Stan Lee's Comikaze: The biggest case of >no hooves this side of the Mississippi

While everyone was experiencing ROTLcon in Colorado or Yumacon in Detroit this weekend, The best west coast had their own little shindig in the city of the angels.

And the host was none other than Stan 'The Man' Lee himself!

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Debra Wilson: former MADTv star and reason many of us stayed up past our bed time growing up. 

Stan Lee's Comikaze is a Comic Book Convention/General Geek love fest that occurs in November in Los Angeles. Horse News was given a press pass on the heels of learning that the VA's of the show would all be there in person for the first time.

Because it's a given this is a #professional site and not a personal blog, I decided to just rank the con in different categories and spam the shit out of it with pictures.

Location:  Los Angeles (4/10)

Now, I know that Los Angeles is supposed to be a "world class" city, but there is nothing 'world class' about it outside the LA Live/Staples Center/Convention Center. But hey, at least they had food trucks and Mexican street vendors selling bacon-wrapped hot dogs (which if you have never tried bacon wrapped hot dogs with onions, tomatoes, and relish drop what you are doing and make some.)

Merch: Mostly Comic Book (6/10)

Most of the MLP merch were scattered around a few vendors and >no hooves movies merch was not around, but If you like Marvel, DC, or even GoT and The Walking Dead, then it was  your kind of con. Oh, and comic books, which would be weird if a comic book convention did not have them.

Events: Alright/10

The panels were well attended, Stan Lee crashed a few panels because he is Stan 'the man' Lee, and the MLP VA panel was entertaining.

The biggest non-panel draw was the 'Spiderman Basketball Show' aka 'The Harlem Globetrotters Halloween special'

Cosplayers: Mostly Comic Book (8/10)

You can kill a blog, but you can't kill an idea

This is no pony con, so the cosplays were a grade above the norm. This year's 'in' thing was Guardians of the Galaxy.

(not so) surprisingly, the mlp cosplays were predominately the show's main demographic. But, since I doubt their parents would like their daughters on HN, here are some great cosplays, hooves or no hooves

Back shot of a really good /sp/ tripfag cosplay

Final Score: Comikaze 2015 should be on your con wish list if you are in Southern California. The cosplays, events, and merch make up for the lack of pone. 

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  1. If you'd actually paid attention you'd have seen more MLP cosplays by adults, dumbass. Try going for more than a day next time and you might be able to grasp how much fun this place actually is. The con isn't even over yet for fuck's sake.

    1. >being this mad

    2. Wash your b├╝tthair: Mix 6.66

    3. If youre that mad you can go post an article on your own blog

    4. XD.. if you paid attention you'd realise that he wasn't even attacking the cosplayers..

  2. The Molestia, Gamer Luna, and Rufio cosplayers are my new heroes.

    1. Dude awesome... btw i was that gamer luna! follow me on instagram ill be luna agian soon


      thats me