Molestia Cosplay causes tumblr user to troll...himself

There was a time, when Horse News needed to put some amount of effort into pissing Tumblr users off to any noticeable extent. Those times appear to be over. Meet Tristan. A fish who, instead of even nibbling at a hook, decided to cut out the middle-man and leap right into the boat.

It started out simply. Horse News posted the picture above, to tumblr, with this message.

Simple enough. If anyone, we expected a "down with molestia" advocate to have jumped on this. 
But no, we got Tristan.
Who is Tristan?

THAT is Tristan. Now let's see what Tristan does.

Now, Tristan here opens by calling what the couple in the photo are wearing "indecent", by which he means the clothing qualifies as indecent exposure. We here at Horse News think that is a rather silly idea, considering the amount of clothing each of the individuals is wearing in public, is actually MORE clothing than one would expect to see on someone wearing a bathing suit. A swimsuit, which is socially acceptable attire in Southern California, especially at the likes of a Comic-Con typically only covers the breasts and genitalia of females and only the genitalia of males. In this cosplay, not only are these areas covered, but the female is also wearing long stockings, and a knee-length cape, making her more "decent" by anyone's definition of the word. Instead of arguing all of this however, we link Tristan a simple comparison to show how silly his statement seems.

Now, at no point was any accusation made against this person, no words beyond those written on this image macro are exchanged. And Tristan has officially lost it.

Oh fuck, man the boats everyone we have a live one. 
We know we have a trophy here and he's coming right toward us.

Holy shit, he's landed in the boat.

The question above was posed by another tumblr user, and out of the box, Tristan claims that Horse News has "classified" him as a "sexist piece of shit", and a "douchebag" and has now called out the entire brony fandom in the process.

At no point thusfar did the Horse News account even post words to Tristan, much less call him names.

Grab your popcorn, he's not done yet.

We're going to need a bigger boat. Now, without any written response, the issue is about "men's logic", "homophobia", and gender politics.




Is he mentally challenged, or just not being challenged mentally?

We'll leave that to the Jury.

Other people tried to get him to cut his losses. 
He wouldn't listen.

He Just. 

He hasn't posted since. Maybe the kitchen got too hot.

Who want's fish sticks?

update: HE'S BACK

Update: The Molestia Cosplayer has caught wind of this article. And it is glorious.
Reposted in it's entirety from:
Hey every-pony!
I’m actually the Princess Molestia cosplayer, someone called this post from HorseNews to my attention on Facebook, so I made myself a Tumblr for myself just so that I can join in on all this fun! :D I’m here to answer a few basic questions:
1. My name is Ashley, my MLP OC is Kaleido_scope the Asshole Unicorn. I’m relatively new to the cosplaying scene and absolutely LOVE it so far! Some may ask why I decided to do the Princess Molestia cosplay with lingerie. The answer is quite simple: Molly would have too right? ;D In all seriousness though, it exposes the sexist idiots like Tristan for who they really are, that and I am an anti-feminazi. I am so tired of everyone bitching about “equal rights”, yet throwing a massive butthurt fit when a woman like me walks around in my Molestia cosplay because we are “objectifying ourselves to men” (*coughs* massively jealous because said butthurt people are usually walrus sized) I’m an openly gay woman that actually did it to attract other girls to me, and guess what? It worked just like I wanted it to! :D The point I made was that you don’t bitch about men cosplaying in their underwear, so which one is it? Are you REALLY for equal right or are you just a flaming man/woman-hating hypocrite with a moral crusading stick up your ass?
2. No, we were not kicked out of the con. I actually live in the Los Angeles area, so I already knew that literally nobody would give a shit. We did get a few strange looks from some parents, but other than that we got a hugely positive response and our picture was taken over and over again, so don’t be surprised if you see us on other websites besides Tumblr ;)
3. Princess Molestia was one of my favorite blogs of all time (and still is)! I absolutely love offending butthurt idiots like Tristan. I knew if I did a bait cosplay like Molestia that it would get massively popular because of and in spite of idiots like him/her (I can’t really tell what the fuck you are, Mr.”I am a powerful warrior with incredible speed and strength”! Could you REALLY be any more of a loser??) and speaking of Tristan:
4. To the sexist butthurt faggle of an idiot named Tristan that took my obvious cosplay bait: Fuck you, it’s a cosplay for Chris’sakes! Get off your moral high horse (hehehe, horse puns!) and stop being such a virgin, I mean who WOULDN’T want to look at a hot chick parading around in lingerie, or are you an even bigger faggot than I am? If you don’t like it, you know that you don’t have to look at it right? But I do want to say THANK YOU for making me even more popular than I already am and entertaining me with your massively butthurt display, reading the comments was absolutely hilarious man! I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for butthurt idiots like yourself! :D
I’m new to Tumblr, so I guess now that I have one I may as well tell everyone that loved my Molestia cosplay to follow me on here and I’ll post even more sexy awesome cosplays to this blog! ;)
Also feel free to add me on Facebook, at Anime Los Angeles I’ll be cosplaying as Kamui Senketsu Ryuko from Kill La Kill AND will also be doing the Princess Molestia cosplay again very soon, and next time I’ll make it even 20% cooler! :D
That is all. :3

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  1. Forget fishsticks, this guy had to get a full course spaghetti dinner!

    Also, Molestia and Gamer Luna will never die.

  2. As a law student, I can objectively state that this is fucking hilarious.

    My choice of degree has absolutely no bearing on the humorous nature, by the way, but apparently we all need to qualify our 'super-intelligence' now.

    1. I'm afraid you'll find that out in the real world, the perception of lawyers trends less toward "super-intelligent" and more toward "very likely invertebrate".

    2. bu-but my 162 IQ

      Don't make me mind battle you

  3. I find myself wondering: did this sort of thing happen before the advent of the Internet? Were people constantly making complete asses of themselves in public settings, but thankfully very few were around to observe it? Or has the absence of even very basic social cues from online interactions created a generation of sperglords unprecedented in human history?

    1. People still made utter fucking asses of themselves. That much is human nature.

      The difference was, every teenager did not have a platform by which to become an ass for the entire world. Now they do. And it is glorious.

  4. Funny how he thinks he's smart yet can't stay calm and rational over the damn Internet, with all the time in the world to craft a good reply. Yet another blind idiot with overconfidence issues. Not to mention delusions and extreme edgyness according to that first pic.

    Tumblr is a scary place.

    1. He's practically a living example of the dunning kruger effect. The poor bastard.

  5. stevecolbertwearing3Dglasseswhileeatingpopcorn.gif

  6. What a fucking faggot.

  7. God, that was hilarious. I'm glad I was a part of it.

    Long live Princess Sexy Sunbutt.

  8. The euphoria...

  9. Delicious.
    Also, said Molestia cosplayer is magnificently badass.

  10. Mother.

    Now let's see her fellow social justice twats throw her under the bus and say she's just a troll or fake blog made to make them look bad.

    Oh who am I kidding. It won't make a difference since they're ALL as retarded as this stuck up bitch.

    Also, Kaleido_scope for new Molestia.

  11. I want to hug Kaleido_scope non-sexually. And then have her talk to me in a sexy Molestia voice.

    Yeah... that'd be cool.

  12. >The question above was posed by another tumblr user
    Technically true, but what wasn't mentioned that said "another tumblr user" seems to have been Chelis. Not that that makes Tristan any less hilarious, but I found it odd you didn't mention it.

  13. Apart from her repeated use of the word "butthurt" which is a term I've come to loathe (because I just think the word sounds stupid), that final reply from the cosplayer was an absolute joy to read.

  14. C-can we nominate that cosplayer as president of the world?? I'm serious, she needs to be queen. I would follow her into the deepest depths of hell and back. Nothing but respect here. We need more people like her to shoot down these fucking white knight losers and show the world what they really are.

  15. That chick is based as fuck

  16. Lol. An "IQ of 162" and he can't even spell. Don't tell me that was an intentional sign of disrespect; that kid is legit retarded.

  17. Too many 404 messages. Somebody please fix the broken images!

  18. tl;dr, I came for the identity of molestia and hope I can either: get raped by her, or join in their 3some


  20. Being a walrus kind of guy,I was momentarily tempted to be personally upset by the young woman's comments. But I am a zen walrus, centered and calm, Yes, the staff of HN attempt to make themselves appear to be the victors in this confrontation of small, petty minds, but they are the recorders of history, and the historians have always controlled the story. (Just ask the Native Americans). I know my own truth - it all is meaningless blather, rolling off into the distance.

    I look at all of you, though, and the only thought I have is argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they are yours.


    The Zen Walrus.

  21. "If you don't agree with me that women should keep their bodies hidden away, you support molestation!"

    What a cunt.

  22. Kaleido_scope made one of the BEST comebacks ever seen on tumblr. Tristan's going to need the fire department to put out that burn.

  23. It depends. If a dude wears low clothing in a cosplay but it works, I don't complain. Same with a woman. I only don't like it if they really don't fit the cosplay. I thought she looked alright in the costume. I mean, I wouldn't go up to her and compliment it, but I definitely wouldn't complain either. I dunno. I skimmed most of this huge wall of text so whatever.

  24. There are levels of dumbassery, autistic and faggotry and then there's this asshole who blows it all away. Bravo sir for breaking everything and being the stupidest being who has ever lived on this shitty planet.