Convention to feature most expensive brony concert yet

This weekend, a convention will host an "exclusive" concert with a $60 per-ticket pricetag, featuring 1 and a half voice actresses, and some other guys they found out back, playing acoustic guitar and cover songs. While many are shocked that some would pay national-act prices for this, others have seen it as a "challenge to be outdone". Sources confirm that an upcoming Boston convention will feature "The Most Expensive Brony Concert Ever".

Not to be outdone by the Pony Partridge Family, the New-England convention will feature one fandom voice actress, butchering classic songs as off-key as possible, backed up by a janitor drumming out a beat on a tub of expired Crisco, with 3 brony musicians farting the alphabet into a microphone. When asked about the top-secret ultra exclusive concert experience, the brony musician (who asked not to be named, so as to add to the exclusive mystery of the concert), had this to say:

"Shit man, if people are actually willing to pay more to see the voices of 2 and a half ponies fuck up Michael Jackson songs than they would pay to see Led Zepplin in concert, they'll sure as hell pay twice as much to see me hold a boom mic by my ass for 90 minutes"

The concert is planned to be 90 minutes long (60 of which will be introductions and awkward in-jokes between performers) and cost $180 per ticket, just so that attendees get a truly intimate musical experience. At $6 per minute for the actual "musical" portion of the show, this concert serves to be twice as expensive as the previous brony concert record, and 3 times as expensive as an average phone sex hotline.

"It's really great that bronies get the chance to pay their way to importance."

The concert will be held inside a broom closet, as it is the only area available that can accommodate the size of the crowd expected to attend. All other areas of the convention space have already been booked with events that people will actually show up to.

Comments (4)

  1. About 93% sure you're making this up.

    … The other 7% can't wait to see this show! Holy shit!

    1. The first part is entirely true.

      I dont know whats worse, that the "Creepers" thought they could actually charge 60 bucks for that shit or that bronies actually paid 60 fucking dollars for that shit.

  2. Oh, pony Onion. All you need is more Pony on the Street pictures. Mr. Methane is pretty funny, though. Check out some Youtube.

    Who says Capitalism is bad? The concert is only worth what people will pay to see it. So you might have to sell a little plasma.

    Wait...low plasma, high cider...Ciderfest...this is a plot by the Illuminati to get everyone drunk. We're on to you now.