Saberspark releases another brony doc

This should be fun

Technically it's a "Part 2" of his video last year.

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  1. Finally it's out! This is gonna be good!

  2. You seem to be upset, my friend.

    There's no need for demand, these docs are just byproducts of people being passionate for a community they love. Also bronies like to pat themselves on the back. I can't blame them for that though, I also like a good patting on my back.

  3. I don't think you actually watched the video did you.

  4. Jimmies rustled.

    ... also we're very aware of the previous generations and their importance, but this one is just a bazillion times better. Way more accessible, which is why it works.

    But please, tell me more about rectal cancer.

  5. Also, Mr. "Ponies before Bronies", what's so wrong about ripping on previous generations? I know that the past generations were the foundation of what we have today, but that doesn't mean I can't make fun of them. Sounds like you're just desperately looking for reasons to hate bronies. You must be a sad individual, do you want to smell my manboobs? That'll make you feel better!

    The only thing worse than the spaghettifest that is the brony fandom are people like you. (Also yes, I make fun of bronies but still concider myself one. What if I told you that's possible?)

  6. I want SJW's to leave