/mlp/ vs /g/ TODAY - watch The 4chan Cup here

With each team coming off of wins in Friday's matches, today's game between /mlp/ and /g/ will determine who will top Group C of the 2014 4chan Autumn Babbies.
After some difficultues and controversy over the streaming of the games yesterday, things seem to be back in order for today's games. Today's games are set to kickoff at ~1PM Eastern Time, with /mlp/ playing around 5PM Eastern . You can catch all the action right here.

If you want to spam the main chat with Giddy Up, the main channel is here:


Comments (6)

  1. Sou like benis :DDDD

  2. I missed the match. Anyone recorded it?

  3. We won 2:1, but the way MLP was playing was less than impressive. Definitely not their A game. If they want to win they have try much harder than this.

    1. We had a nice start, and a few great players, Best Pone dribbled like crazy, M.A Larson was a based defender and Burdened saved us.
      But panic mode was hard and some like Trixie derped hard.

    2. The way this was going /int/ gonna make em a new one. /int/ was really solid this time. I am not so sure /mlp/ will be able to repeat their 4-1 this time.