Pony Spotted on latest South Park episode

It might be happening. Eventually.
Tonight, during the "Cissy" episode of South Park, a pony was spotted that looks like Twilight Sparkle or Cheerilee. That Eagle-eyed TV-fan Spazz spotted it during this scene.

The plot of tonight's episode covers topics that have been prevalent in the MLP fandom for quite some time, including gender roles, and basically tumblr. It is also another episode that has directly referenced an ongoing storyline. Is there a pony episode in our future? Would that be a good thing?

If one did happen, who would be the "brony" character? Cartman does already own a Spike plushie...

Comments (9)

  1. Looks G3 to me.

  2. >A My Little Pony toy appears to be in a little girls' room


  3. I hope this episode makes a point to those tumblr retards that only use being transgender as a fad and to be extra special snowflake-y when feeling oppressed.

    ... or they'll just complain about how the message is supposedly transphobic, and then they'll say how Trey and Matt are a bunch of shitlords and anyone who ever enjoyed South Park is a shitlord and blah blah blah buzzword vomit.

    1. Then they'll launch a "down with south park" campaign on twitter. These are dark days we live in.

  4. Of course a pony was going to show up on South Park this season. It's the first season with Jananimations on the staff.

  5. In the season opener for South Park they suggested calling their start up company "Milky Crotch Boob", for those of you that missed that

  6. I personally think that the South Park character Rand Marsh would be the best one to have as a brony.

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