Aria Blaze comments on Sonata waifuing; says she didn't want attention anyway

In spite of rumors swirling that she is jealous of her "friend" Sonata Dusk's popularity, when interviewed by HN reporters, she remained adamant that she totally did not care.

"W-why would I care that a bunch of people are fawning over my stupid friend? Like I really care about what a bunch of stupid humans think of me," Aria Blaze stuttered out through a blushing face.

Sources can confirm that in spite of the love and attraction that many of the Dazzling's fans have heaped on its most popular member, Aria is resolute in her lack of concern over the shockingly low amount of fanart and discussion and totally doesn't even care.

This is coming hot on the heels of a poll that placed Sonata Dusk on nearly the same level as famous pone waifu dresshorse Coco Pommel. 

Sonata Dusk could not be reached for comment, as she was taking advantage of a 2-for-1 taco special and began to talk with her mouth full, (which at the time of writing has already inspired approximately three hundred unique images). Aria Blaze was last seen desperately trying to cover up the purple in her hair in order to appeal to another group that would, in her words, "treat her better, not like those d-dumb pony fans." Horse News will keep you up to date on the newest waifu news as it develops.

Comments (11)

  1. I think I'm one of the only college guys that would bone the hell out of Aria. :3 She is hot, and she has my weakness pigtail. ~ Oh my Celestia...
    Horse-news should do more articles like this, I find it enjoyable.

  2. > wanting any of those three as a waifu

    1. >2014
      >Not wanting taco fish horse as your waifu

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